Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When Guys Don't Call/Text/Email or A Reason Why Women are Crazy

Today you get a bonus post because I just love you, my readers!

I'm feeling the love today and giving the love. I told my personal trainer that I loved him today with the quick added caveat of " I mean like a brother". He gave me his usual "you are crazy" look (it happens at least once every 2 weeks) and we started talking about the horrible smell on that side of the gym. In my defense, it was 6:40 in the morning (and I'm usually still brushing my teeth).

So back to the real point of my post - When guys don't call/text/email or a reason why women are crazy. I was talking to Lynn tonight on my way home from work (after talking to A) and we got on the topic of freaking out when a guy doesn't text/call/email with a "reasonable" amount of time. It is a classic occurrence with women. We get it - guys have a different sense of time than we do.

But we are emotional (and sometimes hormonal) creatures. And these crazy thoughts just somehow creep into our heads (especially when you stop texting us in mid-conversation even though you were at work - ok, a few thoughts entered my head today) or he doesn't call within 48 hours of our last conversation or date. We know guys aren't counting the hours and our minds may be exaggerating the amount of time he hasn't made contact, but sometimes it's hard to shut off.

Maybe I've done enough internet dating prior to this. Maybe I can thank my old guy friend, Dusty Bottoms, who was the king of pulling a Houdini. (As termed by my friend Danielle (DR), pulling a Houdini is when a person just leaves the bar/restaurant/club without telling any of the people he/she came there with.) Dusty was great at it. At first it bothered all us girls that he just left us hanging, but after a few times, we just brushed it off - he's a guy - no thought process when that wasted.

My point is you shouldn't freak out (I have really trained myself not to - think about why you are freaking). You may really want to talk to him or see him, and that's awesome. Revel in the excitement of knowing that you so badly want to talk to him. It's exciting. And if he never calls/emails/texts back, consider yourself lucky. You didn't have to waste anymore time on that guy (it's not going to work out anyway).

And when you don't want to talk to him anymore or that date was horribly bad, you can use the same technique as guys use on you. Don't call/text/email back or only intermittently (see below). He'll get the hint.

P.S. I only recommend my last piece advice at the beginning of the interaction. I will need some serious advice on this more soon as I think the herd is going to need to be thinned a little.

Also, I'm not going to even go into the random intermittent texts/calls. Ladies, we all know what those are for. And if you need that itch to be scratched, go for it. No shame in admitting it. Own it. A girl has needs too. Call a spade a spade and don't expect him to become your boyfriend (or even next day texter/caller). There was only one type of connection.

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