Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crack of Dawn

A quick timeline - because I hear this is getting confusing - and it's going to get even more confusing because I have more letters to add and more dates to be had.

Friday March 11th - First date with A
Saturday March 12th - Friday March 18th - No dates, just conversations, internet dating, going out with friends, USO - you get it.
Saturday March 19th - A first date with B and an 80's party in Richmond
Sunday March 20th - Race back from Richmond, 2nd Date with A
Monday March 21st - First Date with C
TODAY - REST!!! I was supposed to have running, but a long conference call and an injured knee has me sitting on the couch, blogging and watching "Where the Heart Is" (great book and movie)

So back to the crack of dawn, that's the time I was up on Saturday March 19th. I needed to pack for Richmond and I had an 8:30 AM coffee date in Crystal City with B. That's right - I asked him to meet me at 8:30 on a Saturday morning. And he said YES! My pictures on the web or my emails to him must have been really attractive. Honestly, he is a serious runner so I thought he was probably up pretty early on a Saturday morning (And I guess I was right).

So we were supposed to meet for coffee at Starbucks in the "mall" at Crystal City. He offered to meet me on the street in front of the mall (he said it's alittle confusing to find the Starbucks). But little old confident me said "Don't worry. I'm sure I'll be able to find it." (I'm the least directional challenged person I know.) RIIGGHTTT...there is more than one mall in Crystal City. There is more than 1 Starbucks around the "malls" in Crystal City. In fact, along the Crystal Drive (where the Shops at Crystal City are - aka the mall), there are 4 coffee places that are easily seen and accessible on the street (none of which are Starbucks). So you see where I'm going, I couldn't find it. I was panicking. Thank goodness I have an iPhone. After quickly looking up his number in the email he sent me, I had to admit my stupidity and now lateness and tell him I couldn't find it. After a quick look at a map and a few directions, I finally found him a few blocks away inside the other mall at a Starbucks (why he had to pick the one coffee place inside, I still don't know).

So we had some coffee and sat and talked for about 2 hours. It was a good and easy conversation. We had a bunch of things to talk about. I think the married couple with kids who were sitting at the table near us was totally eavesdropping on our conversation. He's a nice guy. There was one point in the conversation that whatever one of us said we liked, the other didn't. I was thinking "Uh Oh". But it's a first date, we moved on to something else.

So 2 hours and 1 cup of tea, I had to be off to drive to Richmond. We hugged and he immediately said let's go out again. I said "Yes" and we picked this Thursday evening.

So another successful first date. And another 2nd date in the works.

A few random thoughts about B
  • He was carrying a shopping bag. I said "I hope you didn't buy me a gift." Don't worry it wasn't. He pulled out an outfit for his 4 year-old niece. He bought it at the outlets for her birthday. But he didn't really say why he had brought it to our date? The mall wasn't open.
  • He didn't buy me my drink. It was a $2.50 cup of tea. I may be old-fashioned and sometimes guys don't have alot of money, but it was $2.50 (you should pay.) Don't worry - I don't hold it against him - we are going out again.

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