Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Comedy of A Date

You can all yell at me now. I have had 2 days in a row of no posts. I've left you all hanging about my weekend. I'm sorry. Blame my family - they have computer problems (somebody has been going somewhere they shouldn't and it got a virus). So I spent yesterday evening working to clean up their computer and get rid of the virus. It was painful just waiting for stuff to go.

But the good thing was I read most of my brother's Men's Health magazine. Have you read it? It's kind of like Marie Claire for men. I learned alot - like what not to order in certain restaurants and fun sex tips. There was a big article on what women want and look for in a man at different ages (20's, 30's and 40's). The funny thing was I told 3 different guys today that I had read the magazine. And they gave me a look of fear and said "you did? Shouldn't you be reading something else"? Really? There weren't trade secrets in the thing...what are guys so afraid of?

Anyway, last Saturday was date number 3 with A. We had plans to go to dinner and go to a comedy show. I met him at his house and then he drove us from there. His house is nice. I didn't see much but it was nice from what I saw (nothing crazy or unusual, just normal and comfortable looking - phew!) We had a great dinner at a restaurant my co-worker suggested. The conversation was just easy and fun. Then we went to the show. My co-worker and her husband were there so they got to meet A!!! (The verdict on Monday was "he is cute. Very nice and attentive".) So the comedy show starts and the comedian (who I've seen before) is drunk. Great!!! Luckily we weren't called upon or singled out, but due to his drunkness, the set went long and it was a late night. He assured me that he thought was really funny. Poor guy! He had to get up early for work the next day. So we hightailed it back to his house after the show because it was alittle bit of a ride. Good conversation back. We both hopped out of the car when we got back and met behind his truck. In the dark before I knew what was happening, I got my kiss! It was nice. There was a spark. We parted and I was off.

The next morning, while I was just getting up and he had been up for about 4 hours already, I texted him to apologize for keeping him out so late (the date was my idea - I paid for the show). And we had a fun text exchange. And then the next day on the way home from work, I got a phone call and plans were made for date 4 this weekend. (And it was revealed that his birthday is this week - no I'm not spending it with him.)

OK. That was a short recap. Things are going well. I need to do some work that I'll write about later.

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