Monday, March 28, 2011

Thinking and doing

As I said, I spent yesterday thinking. Thinking about what to do with B, C, and D. And how to break it off. And I spent this morning getting advice from a master, Jonathan.

So I was ready to make the necessary phone call tonight and emails and suddenly plans changed. As I'm getting off my exit to head home, the phone rings. Brring!!! It's A!! So after illegally answering the phone, I talked all the way home, and inside my house, while sitting on the couch and laying on the couch, and inhaling some dinner. Basically, we talked for about 2 hours (and we made plans to go out on Sunday).

We hang up and I know I owe you guys an entry. I can't skip a 2nd day. So I powered up the Mac and wrote what I thought was going to a really short boring entry - but it ended up being much longer than I thought.

So, B, C, and D are still not off the hook. I guess that's on tomorrow's agenda, as well as a recap of the weekend. Amen. It's after bedtime.

P.S. Don't worry. I'm not abandoning everything for A. I just feel like I need to make some room on my dance card. I want to sample some more options, but I'm not that skilled to have too many on my roster.

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