Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A blog and a book

OK - so the KitchenAid Mixer giveaway led me to the blog of The Pioneer Woman ( And I started looking around at a few entries in the Confessions section (homeschooling has no applicability to me, but I have since checked out cooking and photography). She was so funny and there was something about her adventures (with Marlboro Man and the kids) that made me laugh. See the Pioneer Woman is a country club town girl who lived in LA who married an Oklahoma rancher and now raises 4 kids on a cattle ranch in the country - random I know, but reading her thoughts I feel like she could be friends with us (she's kind of random and nutty like us).

So I discover she has a book about how she met her husband, The Pioneer Woman Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. And I was curious - how does a girl just living in LA end up with a cattle rancher. So a rainy Tuesday night, I run to Tar-jay and find it on the shelves. I snap it up and home I go. And I read. And not all at once (I do have work and things), but over the course of the next 5 or so days, and let me tell you I was a changed woman after that.

Maybe it was reading it little by little and thinking about it. Maybe it was all the reminders of my own family and growing up. Maybe it was the hope that it was all actually possible. I don't know but it is a true story and it's not self-help.

But as soon as I put the book down, I knew. It all became clear. I want to get married and have babies. I want to create a family. It was like a bolt of lightening. It was the clearest goal I've ever had in my life.

But I knew this book was really special when I passed it off to my married co-worker, Ann, as soon as I finished it and she had a similar but less intense reaction. She said it was also awesome. I reminded her of all the reasons why she fell in love with her husband and I see she is renewed in regards to him. (She also now sends me pictures she finds of the Marlboro Man on Google - I call her a stalker.)

So there you go. I've revealed the book. It's not by Oprah or Dr. Phil. It's not The Secret (I couldn't get into it.) It's an almost romance novel about a crazy redhead and her cowboy in Oklahoma. Pick it up. I'd lend you my copy but another co-worker has it. I think everyone will get something (if only enjoyment) out of it.

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Miss Scarlett said...

OK - re-reading this post it seems anti-climatic, but it's after 11 now and after my bedtime. But I'm trying to keep my promise. I promise tomorrow I'll post the email I sent to Ree (aka The Pioneer Woman) a week after I had my epiphany. That will make you laugh and cry - it's like a good movie.

Hugs and kisses!