Saturday, March 26, 2011

You go left, I go right

To recap this week, I'll go through the calendar now:

Monday - The date with Mr. Iron Grip, C (see yesterday's blog entry)
Tuesday - REST!!! I spent my evening at home. I needed a break after my 3 date bonanza and I was supposed to run.
Wednesday - A first date with D (see below)
Thursday - Second date with B (see blog tomorrow)
Friday - A night off again. I was avoiding C (and his endless texts - I got 3 on Friday) and my house was becoming a mess.
Saturday - TODAY!! - Gym, no tan, and laundry - well the laundry hasn't been started yet. I'm blogging instead. But I should get some laundry in before I go out tonight with A - Date No. 3.

I was alittle surprised when I suggested to D that we meet at 8 on Wednesday night for a date and he agreed (I thought it was kind of late). It was just for drinks at a local bar. I had an appointment with my therapist after work so we met up after that. For whatever reason, I decided to kind of dress up for this date. I wore a cute little black dress (not formfitting - a baby doll) and some really sexy black stockings (the guys at work love them). I was the woman in black.

The bar wasn't that crowded for a Wednesday night and we easily found a table to sit at. He's cute and attractive. And when he talks, I can tell he's alittle nerdy because it comes out almost right away that he's in the science field. So we ended up talking about a summer internship that I had between 11th and 12th grade at NIH. It was my one time of working in a professional laboratory. (We goofed around alot with poisonous scorpions, snot and spit - I learned I didn't want to work in a research lab - most people in labs are socially awkward - great people watching.) I can't believe I remembered as much as I did. Usually I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday.

So a third of the way through, he brings up that he's divorced. I'm say, "Okay. That's fine". Then he tells me I usually just mention it on the first date - it's really a 4th or 5th date topic. Right. And then he keeps talking. Talking about his divorce and his ex. He knew her for 12 years. They were married for 5. They've been separated for 3, divorced for 1. They met in grad school. They were roommates first. You get the picture. He went on and on. I think in 20 minutes, I knew all the basics about their 12 year relationship. He even told me what she was up to today. I'm thinking "Oh good God". What just happened to it's a 4th or 5th date conversation? I couldn't get a word in edgewise. It was a bad case of oral diarrhea. So when he was finally done, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I needed a few minutes to figure out where to steer the conversation from there.

Back from my bathroom break, we regroup where he steers the conversation to movies. OK - I don't watch that many movies. I'd like to but I don't. The last movie I saw in the theater was actually in January - it was Country Strong (a chick flick for Amy's birthday). And I watched a few old movies while I was sick recently - but nothing a guy would watch, except for North by Northwest and maybe Pure Country (but only if you like country music). So here is this guy trying to have a conversation with me (but really himself) about how great The Social Network was and how it was so much more of an Oscar contender than it was. If I had had a watch on, I probably would have been checking it. I had nothing to contribute to the conversation. I hadn't seen a single Oscar film (or critcal acclaimed film for that matter). I have to say I was relieved when he said, "Ok, we'd better go".

So he walks me part of the way to my car. We hug. He says to me, "We should go running together on a Saturday some time." (Sorry I skipped over that part of the date - he runs, but slower than me - bad knees or something). I said, "Yeah, (relieved that he wasn't going to suggest a 2nd date) I'm running with a group on Saturdays but in 3 weeks, it's over so after that". That may have been alittle mean looking back. Oh well, I don't admit to being perfect. And I continued to my car. I thought as I drove away - Nice guy. A little rough in the dating department, but he also recognized that we were not a match so no love/time lost (I was a cheap date - one beer). Or so I thought?

Postscript: So I check my eHarmony yesterday or Thursday (I can't remember), and I have an email from him on eHarmony. He tells me what a good time he had and how much we had in common (huh??? - it was really just running and a 3 month gig I had 16 years ago). And he also said it was cool that I had seen the documentary about Banksy, "Exit Through the Gift Shop". Yeah, never seen it. Don't know where he got that from? Some other girl? Maybe he just made it up in his mind because I might have said that I had heard of it? And he wants to go out again. Really? Did he not see that we really had nothing in common? That the conversation was alittle awkward at times? I know that I'm charming - but dang! Are the pickings out there on the internet really that bad? I guess I'll find out as I'm going back out into the pool to look for more first dates. I think D is going to get a "It's not you, it's me email by the end of the weekend".

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