Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Letter

As soon as I finished the book, I got the flu. Boo! (I'm better now.) But I spent alot of time on the couch and in bed, watching old movies and thinking. Thinking about what I could offer in a relationship. What I was looking for in a guy. I made mental lists (I am an accountant after all.) And I updated/created my profiles accordingly. I was so happy. And I really felt I owed it all to Ree (aka The Pioneer Woman). So after a week of thinking, I decided to do what I wanted to in my heart - to write the most heartfelt thank you letter.

So one night after work, I sat down and hammered it out. Then I sent it to Ann who said it was perfect and before I went to bed, it was off. Here's the letter:


I wanted to send you an email to tell you THANK YOU. Thank you from the bottom of my heart because in the span of a week you have changed my life. I know that seems crazy and I hardly believe it myself, but it’s true.

About two weeks ago, I found your blog (via David Lebovitz) and I started reading a few entries. Your website was so funny so I decided to stop by Target and pick up your new book. I devoured it over a couple of nights and when I closed the book at the end, I had had an epiphany. I was no longer the independent 32 year-old single world travelling woman who was wondering if she even wanted to change her lifestyle for children and how she was going deal with sharing her decisions and life with a man. I was the woman who looked at her friends and just thought they were married so the next step was just to have kids.

I get it now. That’s not it at all. It’s about standing solidly with your feet on the ground next to a guy who is also solidly planted. It’s about the pride, satisfaction, and contentment in growing roots and raising children that are one day going to go off into the world. Just thinking about it gives me a lump in my throat. It’s the first thing I’ve ever wanted with my whole heart. I want it so bad I can taste it. I want it today and I’m praying everyday that it happens soon.

So I’m working to try and make it happen. I’m letting everyone around me know that this is what I want. And so I just wanted to let you know because you were the reason why it happened and why I am so deliriously happy. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hopefully one day, I’ll get to thank you in person (you aren’t coming to DC on your book tour), but in the meantime, thank you!

Much love and gratitude,

-------- (Miss Scarlett's real name)

P.S. Since I’m telling everyone that I’m looking for a man, if you know any awesome cowboys who are looking for a cute brunette woman who is originally from a small town on the edge of farm country, send them in my direction. I’m sure I’ll have them laughing on my take on life out in the country. I can guarantee they’ll have clean drawers, a fully stomach, a warm bed, and a loyal wife. (Anything else is a maybe).

A quick note - The Pioneer Woman has a single cowboy on her ranch who is my age and cute (hence the PS note). Ann and I hope that she'll write me back and invite me out. She told me I have to bring her. Amen.

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