Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Update (this is not SNL)

It's been a busy weekend. Two dates in 2 days. Another date tonight. One 1980's party for Carrie and Matt in Richmond and 1 night out for margaritas with Caitlin. Honestly, I don't know how I keep it all together either. I did have a moment of panic this AM when I thought that I might have actually committed to going out with 2 guys tonight. But thank goodness that I had forgotten to email one of the guys (sorry!) to set up our date. So he got an email this AM suggesting later this week for drinks.

OK - I have to run off and finish my salad. (So happy to be eating grilled chicken, steamed veg and salad today for lunch - I'm alittle worried about my waistline with all this drinking and eating out).

Upcoming entries to come - a first date with B, second date with A, my exchange with "Mr. DC Council"...

PS. I went to ask Ann a work question and she's reading The Pioneer Woman's blog while eating her lunch. She proceeds to pull up several photos of the Marlboro Man and oohs and aahs. Makes me laugh every time (each ooh and ahh is funnier than the next.) Just thought I'd share.

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