Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Date of Dates

Note: I started this post many times in my head over the last week. I even started writing it yesterday afternoon. But after talking to some people about my blog, I'm not sure about how to write these posts. So this is going to be my first attempt. I'm sure it'll be not enough details, but I'll probably end up revising it along the way. I just really want to protect the guys. It's only fair to them.

So I met A on Catholic Match. We had a really great email rapport. It was so easy to email him little messages, but after a few he asked me to meet him on a Friday night at a local bar/restaurant for drinks. Cool.

A is 32 years old. He lives about 45 minutes away from me, but he works closer by. He doesn't work in an office. He works 24 hours and then has 48 hours off. He’s also in school getting a another degree. He’s cute. Cute and athletic.

So I get to the bar at the appointed time. I’m wearing (I know you all want to know) sort of skinny jeans (they are a size too big – I have smaller ones now), a flowy tank top, my brown military style jacket, and brown peep toe pumps. It’s packed -wall to wall people. Shoot! Of course, I didn’t look at his picture before I walked out of work (I did have his number), so I had to go off memory. But he found me.

We got beers and started talking. It was a really good light-hearted conversation. I was charming – as Amy says I can talk to guys about anything. It comes from being the one of only a few girls in an office full of guys. I have to know about MMA/UFC, living off the grid, football, basketball, strippers, alcohol, poker, etc. Then I would have nothing to talk about with my co-workers all day long. Don’t worry – we didn’t talk about any of those things! But it was an easy conversation.

The funny thing as soon as one topic ended, he would ask me a question about myself (something I posted on my profile). I couldn't get many questions in edgewise - but it was ok. The only hiccup was I must have put that I like cooking in my profile. When he asked me about it, I had had about 15 oz of beer. I was feeling it (on the way to be cooked). Thank goodness at that point I had already said to him, let's get some food and we were sitting at a table and I was able to get some water. So when he said to asked me about cooking, I just said "I said that?" He started to laugh (I must have had a great expression on my face). I started to laugh and I started to backpeddle. "Well I guess I do like to cook, but I really don't cook right now." In fact, I couldn't even remember the last thing I had cooked. So I said "Ummm, I guess I'm going to have to change that. I mean I will cook. I can cook. I just haven't been cooking". Way to backpeddle, D. Time to stop drinking.

So we left after about 4 hours, a few beers and dinner (I had a burger - yes, I did it. No salad for this girl. He might as well know I'm not afraid.) He had work the next day and I had a 7:30 AM run.

He walked me to my car. Where we had another funny moment. So I had another blouse hanging in the car. I needed options and I was meeting him straight from work. So he caught me. He asks me what is this blouse is for - and I just start to laugh. "You caught me. I needed options. So I guess I won't be wearing this blouse for awhile.". A hug and a kiss on the cheek and I was off.

A few other random thoughts about A:

  • He told me I looked better than my pictures I posted on my profile. Smile!
  • He makes me laugh. We've talked and texted every couple of days since our date (he did ask me for a 2nd date that Sunday night.)
  • The conversation is easy.
  • He wants to travel to Europe. I'm over that part of my life and those adventures. I'd rather spend the thousands on dollars on something else.
  • I'm questioning my chemistry meter. Did we have chemistry? How will I know?

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