Monday, March 28, 2011

Speed dating

I have not kept one of my ground rules. I definitely didn't post yesterday. Sorry kids! I did think about you and my little crazy journey that I've been on. I guess I could have posted one of my already written posts - but I'm not in love with the one that I've finished.

Also, I'm not really excited to talk about the next date that I had in the sequence of dates. There wasn't anything wrong with it, but it also wasn't very memorable. This was my 2nd date with B - it was last Thursday. So I just had gone on a first date with D the night before and now I had a 2nd date with B.

We went to a casual restaurant in my old neighborhood of Courthouse. As I was late last time, I made sure I left work in enough time to get there on time - and I ended up being alittle early. And he ended up being late! Yeah! I'm not the only late one. He picked the restaurant, but he forgot where it was. He hadn't been to the restaurant before (which I thought was kind of odd.) What if the restaurant wasn't good? I don't know - I'd be too nervous to suggest a restaurant I hadn't been to before. Either that or I'd be up front that I hadn't been there (just get the caveat out there in case it was terrible or something goes wrong). I guess I try to impress.

So we ended up splitting a pizza. And when he doesn't order any alcohol, I don't either. I don't really drink that much as most of you know so it worked with my alcohol diet (I can save that drink for another date). But I kind of missed having a drink. It definitely made the date feel more like high school. I don't know why I didn't order a drink. After the waiter left, I instantly regretted it. We just sat there and drank our waters while we waited for our food.

So we talk and it was nice, but that was it. It was just nice, but there wasn't really any spark. I do have one funny story. We decide early on that we're going to split the pizza (it wasn't huge and it was really thin crust). We got meatball, pepperoni, salami, and sausage (his side was minus the sausage.) Ok - that was four pieces per person. So I ate three pieces on my half and there were like 2 or 3 left. So I say to him, "I think one of the pieces left is mine (I can see it has sausage on it)". He asks, "How many pieces have you had?" I say "3", sheepishly. He starts to laugh (laugh!), and says "I've only had 2." I'm thinking are you calling me fat because I ate three pieces. It's not like I wolfed them down. I carried on a conversation. I guess I'm just a fast eater. I don't know. So then I couldn't eat the last piece (even though I'm still hungry). Ass! So I just sat there and drank about 3 glasses of water while he finished his last 2 pieces of pizza. I ended up not being hungry in the end, but guess what ended up happening to my last piece? He told the waiter to box it up and he took it home! Oh I wasn't touching that piece with a ten foot pole. Ugh!

So we talked for alittle while after we finished eating, but we left the restaurant at 8:30 (which was a pretty early night). Our cars were near each other. He walked me to my car. I went in for the hug - he hesitated for a minute to try and get the kiss, but he chickened out and I was kind of happy. I just wasn't feeling it. And then he asks me out again to a movie (either tonight or Thursday). Some no-name foreign film? Or art film? I said yes. Why you ask? Because I wondered if I wasn't giving him enough of a chance. I don't know. I really don't know if I'm making a rush judgement or what? Anyway, obviously we didn't go out tonight. He emailed me the next day or Friday to set it up and I emailed him back, but I haven't heard back from him. So maybe he reconsidered. Or maybe he got hurt doing the half marathon over the weekend. I don't know.

Overall, I don't know.

Random thoughts on B:
  • He's skinner than I am. I didn't realize this at first, but I'm not a big girl. I can still shop in the petite section. I don't know. I like to feel small next to a guy. It also doesn't help that he drives a Miata. Also, not a very manly car. (I have car prejudice. I always have - ever since I started dating. I like guys that drive SUVs and pickup trucks. Sports cars don't do anything for me.) Yes I know I'm shallow. I said I might be. I warned you.

  • He's Jewish. I am proven to be a shiska goddess. Carrie and Katie can attest to it. They watched these guys at the Four Seasons in Austin pool circle me like sharks because I looked like I could also be attending that night's Jewish wedding. Little did they know, Carrie and I flirted it up with the groom and his party in the elevator later in our bathing suits and towels. But I'm not Jewish and I won't be converting (even though I thought about it for a minute for the hot rabbi). I am looking for a Christian guy (for the same reasons my Jewish friend is looking for a Jewish guy). He doesn't have to be Catholic or uber-religious, but he has to do Christmas and understand and accept that I will continue to go to church for the rest of my life. And I'm taking our kids with me to church.

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