Monday, October 31, 2011

I've held it in too long

I've held in my feelings for a long time about this, but something just put me over the edge today.

Can we talk about the eHarmony commercials? The happy couples who are laughing and hugging about how easy it was that they met each other on eHarmony. Well now it's morphed into a single guy who only just got on eHarmony and he's only had one date. This is the line that kills me, "By the time this airs, I'll probably have met someone special."

Seriously! Seriously! Every time I see these commercials I want to throw up. It's false advertising. Their system is no better at matching you than any of the other sites out there. I don't know anyone who has used internet dating sites who met their boyfriend/girlfriend in 2 dates.

Yes, these people probably met each other on the website. But do you really think you are reaching single people with these commercials? No. I'm telling you eHarmony. You aren't.

And then when you send me my matches, I've noticed that it's pretty much all in the same category: single dads age 40 and above. That's at least 7 years older than I am. Is there no guy out there closer to my age that would be a match? This seems very suspicious. I'll play your little game and talk to a few of them.

So you know what are on probation. I'm watching you. You better shape up or I'm shipping out.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's been going on....

In my hiatus, I have been very busy. I want to give a special congratulations to my reader Carrie and her new husband, Matt. They had beautiful wedding in early October. The pictures are amazing, but that's what you get when the bride is an art director and partner in a design firm. Those lucky ducks are on their way back from 10 days in Kauai. Awful people!!! The pictures are terrible...

Anyway, I wanted to share their story to illustrate the point that love can find you anywhere. They met at a WordCamp, which is an event put on throughout the world to bring Word Press users together. Anyway, they started tweeting one another. And they tweeted and tweeted. I happened to be travelling with her in Amsterdam that June shortly after they met. And I could see how excited she was every time she got a tweet from him. I had to pry her away from the phone sometimes to go out and see the sights. I remember telling her to go for it with this guy. I could just tell something was different. She was so excited. Even if it didn't work work out, it was worth the time and effort. She was so smitten. And evidently so was he. After we came back, they had a real date and the rest was history. A year later, they were engaged. And now they are married.

So congratulations! Enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Yes, I'm assigning homework. I wanted to assign it over the weekend, but it didn't happen. I haven't even prepped for the homework. So this is going to force us both. (Full disclosure: I have started the homework - I just need to finish it.)

So read this article. It's interesting. And we'll discuss in a day or two.

All the Single Ladies - The Atlantic

Awkward Coincidence

I had to share this funny story told to me by a new contributor (hopefully), Miss Indy. She has some equally fun adventures in dating.

Recently, she went out with a guy she met on an internet dating website. He had a very upbeat, smiling, happy profile on the site. So they talked and decided to go out.

When she meets him, he looks very down. Where was this happy guy? She was confused, but he didn't say anything so the date went on. Dinner was eaten and a movie was the activity post-dinner. She said she suggested the movie "Moneyball", but I guess he wasn't feeling it. So she said that she heard the movie "50/50" was funny. He decided on "50/50" and off they went.

So they talk a few days later/go out and he's back to his happy self. They start to talk about the last date and he says to her, "I'm sorry if I was not myself. My best friend just died from cancer. In fact, he died the day before we went out. I didn't realize how serious it was and I was upset that I didn't do more for my friend while he was sick".

What do you say to that? You went on a date with the guy who just lost a friend to a cancer to a buddy movie about cancer. Not that it was her fault, but the coincidence is laughable and awkward. Poor Miss Indy. And these are the crazy trials of dating.

Sleeping Beauty Awakens...

Sometimes the days fly by and the weeks go on and before you know it the month is coming to the close when you swear it was just beginning. It's like you are Sleeping Beauty and you have just awaken from a deep sleep.

I am Sleeping Beauty. A number of personal and professional obligations (some expected and others very unexpected) have come up through the last few weeks and it has kept me from my blog and my dating adventure.

But I am happy to announce that I am back. I'm going to work hard and get this back on track. I was inspired and scared when I went to dinner last night with a friend and observed a first date going on next to us. I really wanted to interview them. It wasn't going very well. They were both older. They split the check...Oh!! The trials and tribulations begin again.