Friday, April 29, 2011

Dating Blitz #2

So we go from dating desert to dating bonanza starting tonight.

Whatever! I have three dates now in 4 days....

I'm more scatterbrained this time so I have no idea what I'm going to wear for tonight or tomorrow's date (I haven't even thought about Tuesday's). I'm more focused on trying not to kill the guys in my office (almost each one is trying to screw with me today).

So it's off to a brew pub tonight with E (right - that's the letter I'm up to).

I'll keep you all posted. I'm going to try and get a few more going for later in the week. Let's see how many I can juggle!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No numbers out...

OK - now community college guy is talking to me. I think he is attempting to flirt with me...Ugh!

Maybe I look young enough to be in college (HA! What am I thinking?)

OK - he's gone back to his work, terrible music, and biting his nails...

This is all going on after I sat down and he nervously darted around Starbucks for 10 minutes...

Believe me I don't look that good. I have no make-up on and the remnants of an oatmeal and yogurt face mask on my arm. It must be my glowing skin from the mask!!!!

OK. I think he got the hint. No number from me tonight.

Spotty Internet is not the reason for my silence

Spotty Internet is not the reason for my silence (although it is the reason I'm writing the post across from a nerd with a chess book and wearing a shirt for our local community college (nicknamed "Harvard on the Pike") at one of my local Starbucks). The reason is a combination of lack of real solid news, motivation and time.

I have put sleep and exercise and cooking and a million other reasons (like movies and singing in the car) before you. And I've been feeling guilty (thanks Catholicism) about this whole dating thing. I haven't been as dedicated to it as I should be. But it's not that I've been sitting at home on my butt. I've just been running around - doing things (in traffic). And I haven't been making time.

Well I take that back, my therapist (who reads my blog now) said last week, she's worried that my dedication will diminish now that it's set in that it's going to take me longer to make this happen than I had secretly hoped. Of course I hoped it was going to be easy (but like everything in my life - it's never easy). Can't one thing just be easy? Just once?

Anyway, so her statement has been playing around in my head and I renewed my effort on the getting dates front last week and I should have some first dates to talk about next week (YEAH!!!) It should be interesting...

So in my free time, I have been answering stupid questions - like what is my dream vacation? (Right now I'd say anywhere away from work with hot guys to look at? - not really a good answer to a guy, right?)

So that's what I've been up to...but I need MOTIVATION!!! Yell at me. Harrass me! Anything! I need all the help to stick to this that I can get!

That's it. Amen!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Breaking up is hard to do...

So I did it again. I sent an email to a guy who I've been on and off emailing with on Match. I lied and told him I was pursuing another relationship and so I didn't think we should continue chatting. Ugh! I lied. I hate lying. But the poor guy sent me an email that he was still interested. And I was definitely not interested.

The funny thing is when it came to responding to an email from a pudgy male administrative assistant (who like puppies and cooking and who knows what else), I couldn't tell him I wasn't interested. (His profile reads "Mama's boy" - I'm sorry! That's mean.) I think because I hadn't even given the poor guy a chance. So I am just procrastinating....a feel so bad at not giving him a chance.

Since my last posts about my break-up strategy, I've heard some interesting takes and stories on break-ups.

A co-worker told me that she never breaks up with a guy. She always waits and lets him break up with her. As she was telling me this, all I could think is why wouldn't you want to move on. Why wait? Maybe there is something better out there. But I can kind of see it now...(sort of).

The one that really threw me was from a guy acquaintance. He told Jenn and I that he broke up with a girlfriend because he knew that she was miserable. I just kept asking him how he knew she was miserable. It just didn't make sense. Why would you break up with someone because they were unhappy (not you)? And how would you know?

But this one makes me think of something my therapist said to me this week, "Independence is easy, vulnerability is hard". I think that is totally true for me. I've struggled with that for a long time - am I too independent? Maybe, but it's part of who I am. But so is vulnerability. I'm more vulnerable than I show to others. I just need to work on showing more of it - to everyone.

Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The best intentions

I had every intent of posting last night, but I had nothing written and when I finally got home, it was time to go to bed. (Sometimes more important things come up like tasting red velvet cupcake samples for Jenn's bridal shower.)

But I wanted to let you know that A is out. I last talked to him via text last Tuesday. He was in class all night so I told him to call me when he had a chance. No phone call has materialized in over a week. So his phone number is being deleted (just watch he'll call me - he did it 2 weeks ago.)

And I guess I'm off the hook for properly breaking it off. He went the route of no communication - that's cool. But I don't need to rehash now.

Onward and upward!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Confirmation of my personal success (and other things)

So good ole Facebook gave me confirmation of personal success this morning when this picture came up in my News Feed this morning.

I was friends in elementary school with one of the bridesmaids in this picture. Yes, it's true!
We went to elementary through to high school together (but we stopped being friends in elementary school.) Never stops you from being Facebook friends.

Photo credit: Wesley Dawson

Since all of the weddings that I have been in have not involved hair pieces or white tank tops and blue jeans, I feel like this is confirmation of my personal success in life.

On the other hand, it also confirms that I may have alittle redneck in me. I'm ok with can be hidden.

Yeah to getting it together!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm back

I'm back. I'm alittle relieved to have not blogged this weekend. I did miss you all. But I had writer's block. Well too many ideas, buzzing around.

I've been missing the mark with internet dating lately. Lots of missed connections. Missed emails. Emails not returned (not by me - I may be slow - but I email back eventually). I have been putting out feelers, but nothing has really been returned. So it's been discouraging.

I just took a break from emailing a 41 year old guy. I don't even care to talk to him. How sad is that? I don't really know anything about this guy. I feel like I should give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe?

Is that my problem? I'm not a good picker? I'm going to the wrong places? (more on that tomorrow). I'm struggling alittle with these questions. Dr. Phil says it's about quantity. The more you date and interact, the more you're likely to find your mate. And that rings true to me. I've learned that he's not going to find me sitting here on my couch. (I wish he would). You have to go out there and take chances. But am I taking enough chances? I have basically lived in the same place my entire life - how many chances have I really taken?

So any ideas? I've gotten a few. I'll probably try a few of them. What do I have to lose?

Here are the ideas: Sons of Italy dinner in Baltimore (maybe some old lady or man will want to set me up with their grandson), and rock climbing

Ok, I'm off to contemplate these things.


I think I've replaced my addiction to celebrity gossip with regular blogs (I have up celebrity gossip for Lent. Last week of the insanity!) I think my boss is going crazy. I can't help it. It's much more interesting than work...accounting can be so boring sometimes.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Today is the 1 month anniversary of my blog. Can you believe it? I've been doing this dating thing for actually over 1 month. More like 6 weeks.

I guess a slow time after 6 weeks isn't bad...

Here are the stats so far:

1 book read

1 crazy letter sent (and shared on a blog)

3 dating websites that I'm actively on

4 guys dated (A - D)

6 times I've given out my phone number

41 blog entries

countless emails exchanged

It's been kind of crazy, but having this blog has pushed me and helped me tremendously. It's helped me stay accountable and focused and motivated. I really appreciate all the feedback I've received.

Feel free to send the blog to anyone. It's open to the public. It's nice to know that there are other women (and men) in my situation and maybe they'll know they aren't the only ones.

Anyway, Happy 1 month Anniversary!

I'm going to celebrate three ways - 1) by eating a 4th Dove Bliss Dark Chocolate piece right now, 2) singing Miranda Lambert's songs in my office (I'm surrounded by guys - they already don't get me), and 3) going out by myself to a bar tonight (well a friend will be there but I have to enter the bar alone). Ok - will tell you about it later! Have to go back to work (lunch is over).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mid-week update

I owe you a quick update on my relationships...

So I texted A Tuesday to see if he was around to talk. He had been away all weekend and I said no to the Sunday date (moving did go later and was more exhausting that expected). He was in class that night until late and so I told him to call me when he had time to talk. I don't know what his work schedule is. So no phone call yet.

I've been talking to another guy (not even worthy of a letter yet - no date yet). We've been exchanging emails, etc. And he wanted to talk via telephone (slight kiss of death - but I was open-minded). And I emailed him my phone number Tuesday and said "Yes, call me Wednesday". (He only gave me a Monday - Wednesday window. Maybe he doesn't have phone service the rest of the week - just kidding). But no call Wednesday night. So try try again.

And the guy who I gave my number to ("Mr. Business Card"). No email or call from Mr. Business Card. Honestly, I knew I had a 50/50 shot with him. He seemed into me, but who knows what's going on with him.

So there is the update. It's been alot of fall-starts and missed emails (but other parts of my life are busy too). Hopefully, it starts to pick up my readers - so I have something exciting to talk to you about. Or at least funny.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little all over the place this week...

I realized this morning that I said I was going to talk about 2 things yesterday and I only talked about 1. Ugh! I have a little bit of the shiny ball syndrome, I guess.

So as you all have noticed, I haven't had many dates recently. I'm in a date desert (and as a result, I've been eating alot of desserts). But I haven't given up. I've been working the internet dating sites. And let me tell you, some of the prospects are not good. Not good at all.

Oh holy cannoli! There are some good ones out there...

From my friend, Susan - as read on the Colorado version of

"I like slender girls with flat stomachs so if you don't fall into this category it's probably not going to work out (--- you might be surprised how many people have commented on this statement. I don't say it to be rude, I just value good-looks. More importantly though, I value someone who works as hard as I do to keep themselves fit and healthy)."

This guy is a professional triathlete and a professional d-bag. You know me - I value honesty - and this guy is honest. Next!!!

I got a smile from a 49 year-old guy today! Awesome! Next!

Here's one I read today. (It was all so good - I couldn't pick just one part.)

My name is _______. I also go by the nickname JUICE. I am 27 years old, I have hazel eyes, dark brown hair. Athletic build. Four tattoos; celtic cross on my right bicept, double edge sword on my right calf, juice on the back of my neck, and life on my left hand on the knuckels. I am a devout Roman Catholic. I spent time in the armed service - United States Navy - until i was medicaly discharged. I have a gentleman as a son Isaiah who is 4 years old going on 5. I have visitation rights with him, so with that, I dont get to spend as much time with him as i want but I'm very Blessed. I work constantly everyday doing what I love music; music production, video production. Soon I will be producing my own clothing line called Given Decisions. All my work is Christian based. I have a loving family and my mother is a part of my life who i tell everything too so I can say yes I am a momma's boy. I have to younger sisters who I'm always there for. If this is all random goes from one subject to the next I apologize I have racing thoughts. until I decide to put more information on I'll leave this Given Decisions

The best part is he's from a small town that my friend is also from... I don't even know where to begin. The descriptions of the tattoos, the baby that he has visitation rights for, and the Christian clothing line... I hope that he is a great guy because he has a terrible and scary profile.

Can you guess what site he came from? I won't be renewing that subscription when it's over. I really don't think I fit with the clientele.

So I've been trying to sort and talk and work (yes, they expect me to work at work - it's not cool). And things have been going slower - building the roster this time. I'm older merchandise this time around. It's alittle discouraging, but I'm not giving up this time.

But I'm also going to plan a few vacations for the near future. It helps with the mental stability.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A new way to keep up

There is now a Facebook page in which you can get links to my postings of my adventures.

So please Like my page. And tell your friends. Everyone is welcome to read up.

Guys love movies...

This weather is so depressing. How can it be beautiful and 87 degrees one day and then drop 20 degrees and be rainy and gray all day the next day?

It's enough to mess with a girl's head. It makes me want to head out of Dodge. It makes me want to go with Amy to a dude ranch/spa (which I thought was a good business idea - until I discovered that they do exist. But not that many....Mwah! Mwah!!!)

Anyway, so I wasn't sure what to write about today. I kind of have 2 ideas, but neither are a good enough for a long post. So you are just going to have to deal with 2 random posts today.

First, I've noticed that guys love movies. They are constantly watching them. This was confirmed at happy hour yesterday. I, on the other hand, never watch movies. Or only watch really old 1980's movies. What are some must-see guy movies? I feel like I need to have a movie marathon to catch up on these things. I'm talking about recent movies that guys like to watch. (You guys better answer me. I'm counting on you!)

Yes, I do try to keep up on things that guys like and keep up on. If you know alittle bit about things that guys like, you can just prompt them and then they'll talk forever. But the two things I'm not up on are movies and baseball (really I don't care about our local teams - they are terrible. I do know about players and stuff).

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deal-breakers and Nice-to-Haves

This post has been on the idea list for ages. Earlier on, it would have been much easier to write. I don't know why I put it off. As time goes by and I get busy with the business of dating, it's hard to remember all the things I originally put on my bullet list for the man I want.

So here goes...(in no particular order):
  • self-confidence
  • independence
  • healthy lifestyle (or willingness to have one) - he doesn't have to exercise as much as I do but he has to let me do it.
  • strong worth ethic
  • desire to have a family/children (sooner rather than later)
  • responsibility with money
  • common sense
  • sense of humor
  • self-reliant
  • masculine (I'm looking for a guy's guy - no metrosexuals)
Gosh - do I want too much? I think I could use Dr. Phil right about now.

Ok - let's try deal-breakers...
  • No physical chemistry
  • No pre-marital sex (we've talked about this already here).
  • Irresponsibility with money (If I can keep mine and other people's money, he can at least take care of his).
  • No self-confidence (I don't do well with guys who can't make their own decisions.)
I think that's it for now...but I'm going to keep thinking about it and I'm sure I'll have another post to revise my list.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Always carry business cards...

I wasn't planning to post tonight. I am sick with a cold, but thanks to this blog and my mission, I was going to sacrifice a post by going to happy hour instead (I know - I'm such a martyr). But it's not the easiest to run out to a bar alone (no problem out of town but in town - haven't mustered the courage), and I needed a break from the internet dating. So I was forcing myself to go to a happy hour planned by my friends to raise money for Team Red, White, and Blue (a charity that mentors and supports returning soliders and their families) even though (per Ann) I sounded like Marisa Tomei in "My Cousin Vinny". Amy happily came along as my wing woman (she won 2 prizes in the raffle).

So happy hour was nice and relaxing - uneventful. I won nothing. We laughed; we talked. We had a few beers. And then we went down to the main bar. We were both hungry and needed dinner. So the only seats were at the bar. Sitting at a bar is a great place to meet guys. I don't know what it is - but it's so easy to make conversation with a cute guy when you are sitting at the bar (but you need only one friend - too many wing women - no guys talking). I love sitting at the bar.

Anyway, before I know it, there a few guys that sit down next to me at the bar. And I start checking them out. Who cares? I'm writing a blog about dating - I'm looking for a husband. I can't let any opportunity pass me by. So I start exchanging words with the one sitting next to me. Off and on - nothing terribly exciting, but still charming. But after we both finish eating, we strike up a conversation. Amy, being the great wing woman that she is, occupies herself, but I know that it's getting late (late for the time we said we were going to stay out). Thank goodness, I'm not wasted or even buzzed. I start digging around in my purse while Amy pays the check. Jackpot!! I find the case of business cards that I usually have thrown into my purse. I pull one out and put on my coat while another guy talks to me. So as I finish, putting on my coat, the other guy leaves and I say to the guy at the bar, "Here's my card. We should go out sometime." He says, "I don't even know your name". I tell him mine and he tells me his. He takes my card. We shake hands and Amy and I are out the door. It was so slick and so smooth.

Amy tells me as we are crossing the street outside the bar that I was so slick and cool. I get a low five. She's amazed at my huevos. Who knows if he'll call or email, but this girl has game!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Decisions and Copping Out

So the next morning after the date with A, I was thinking. Ok, I'll give him one more date so that I can get some questions answered and some things out on the table. That way we can really figure out if this is going to work. But it's got to be a quiet casual at home or just dinner kind of date.

And then he didn't call or text on Monday. And then he didn't call or text on Tuesday. And I didn't call either day. So I'm thinking by Wednesday early evening that he must have felt the same way about the date as I did. It was weird. We are not that great together.

So I go to see my therapist. We talk about what's been going on for the last 2 weeks. And most specifically about A and this date. And she points out that I need to work on my communication skills and things I could have done better (next time!). She really wants me to call him and get some/give some closure to him. She says I need to use all my courage. I say ok and I'm off.

Well, his ears must have been ringing because no sooner than 5 minutes after leaving the appointment that my phone rings and it's A. I don't pick up because I'm driving and need to fish out my headphones. And for a second, I debate not calling him back. But I have to call him anyway - I might as well make it now while driving home. So I call back. And he acts like nothing is wrong!!! Like our conversation wasn't so weird! Like he doesn't even care that he hasn't even made it to first base!!! This guy has to be a robot!!!

He doesn't even seem concerned that I didn't try to communicate with him in the last 2 days. So after some idle chitchat, he asks me out for Sunday. I just couldn't do it and I had an excuse. My sister and brother-in-law are moving on Sunday and I've now volunteered myself to help!!! (I was going to volunteer anyway, but honestly if I really wanted to, I could have made it work. I'm just a chicken! I admit it!)

So no date is in the works. We'll just see the following week. I need a few more days to psyche myself up. Why is it that it goes perfectly in your head but not so much in real life?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Confusion and chaos reign...

Oh how I've missed posting. Yesterday and Monday were killer days at the office. Long hours and constant whining by the men that surround me. Can you do this? Help me? I don't know how. Their whining and puppy dog looks no longer work on me. I've seen their true colors (love of alcohol, gambling and women) so your sad faces don't make me feel sorry for you.

Only some Cole Haan sandals that I really wanted last summer and suckered myself into buying at $100 and some off made me feel slightly better (and ice cream).

But it has also changed the subject of today's post. I was really struggling with my original idea so I need more time. But I need to update you on my latest date with A. It was very interesting.

So as I blogged about we were going to dinner with his sister and her husband. Now he had described her to me before as kind of ditzy and a former friend of Mary Jane. And he's not super tall and ok build - so I'm expecting some earthy-ish, alittle chubby ditzy bag. What do I see instead when I meet her - a 6 foot something, size 00, dressed casually chic (in pricy jeans - $225 she tells me later) glamazon!!! She could have easily been walking the streets of downtown Manhattan.

Oh - I was so off my game. So confused. She was really nice, but wow not at all what I expected. They don't even resemble each other. We had a beer at her house and it was potent. Why do they make these crafty beers with varying degrees of alcohol? I was lit when we left the house. Luckily I sat in the back, but the roads we took were hilly and windy. Don't worry I made it. The meal was good. A and I didn't really talk that much to each other during dinner. Towards the end, I got up and went to the ladies room (since I had had a beer, tons of water and a couple of glasses of wine). I was feeling much more sober, thanks to the water and food. At first I was like, do I leave and let them talk about me? But my head said that my bladder wasn't going to make it all the way back to her house. So I left the table. Let them talk about me. It was going to happen anyway.

So back to sister's house, say goodbye and then we had about another hour drive back to my house. It was dark at this point, but not really late. He did pick me up before 5. So halfway though the drive, he says to me, "It's so nice to meet someone who shares the same views on God as I do." (or something like that) Thank goodness it was dark because I definitely have laughed/smirked. I'm thinking yeah right - like we have the same views (did you look at my profile - no sex boy?) Plus you don't know this but I support gay marriage so does my mother. So I just ignore him and he goes into this thought about how all the western or ancient religions all stem from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I'm thinking where are you going with this? And instead of asking questions so that I better understand (as my therapist said I should), I kind of went off the assumption that he was implying that these were like the true religions or something like that - so I brought up Buddhism and Hinduism...very major world religions.

(I should sidebar here for a second. Two things you should know about me. 1. I really believe in respecting other people's religious beliefs and even if you don't agree with them (as long as they aren't hurtful), you should respect them (and they should respect mine). 2. Not everyone in my family is Catholic. My grandmother was a life-long Methodist and her side of the family is either Methodist or Presbyterian. We went to bible camp at a Methodist church as kids and say Protestant grace at home. I don't understand all the Protestant denominations - but I'm quite familiar with a few.)

So we are in the midst of this very strange conversation about religion and what I feel like he is telling me are the best ones, when my phone rings - saved by the bell!!! It was a friend who never calls me - so I answered. I was never so happy. I made the conversation quick and then explained to A what it was about. And from there we moved on to other topics of conversation. Soon I was home. Earlier in the day, I thought well if we get home at a decent hour, I'll invite him up into my house. Well! He evidently had other plans because he didn't even pull the car in the driveway. It was left running out in the street. He did hop out when I did and we talked for a few minutes in the driveway. It all ended with just a hug and a peck (no sparks this time).

So now I'm confused. What is going on here?

Quick side note: I went in for the hug when he knocked on my door to pick me up and I realized halfway there - no arms outstretched at me. What you don't even want a hug? So I jumped back. Adding to the confusion of the date.

Monday, April 4, 2011

In love with love

When I started this whole thing over 2 weeks ago, a thought crossed my mind. Am I just failing in love with the idea of being in love? At the time, I told myself maybe, but I'm going to plow ahead anyway. But the more I think about it, I think it's true. You can fall in love with being in love.

I've seen it myself with women I know. I've seen women stay in relationships that they know won't work because they just want to be in love and have that comfort of being in a relationship. I've felt it too. How comfortable it is to have someone to just make plans with one person and have them there and do couple activities. To have him there to cuddle with on the sofa or take you out to dinner on Friday night. Or just flirt with on the phone.

But in your gut, you know this not the guy I dream about at night. This is the guy that's there - Mr. Right Now instead of Mr. Right. Now no guy is perfect (no girl is perfect either) so how do you know if you are in love with the person sitting across from you or the idea of just having a person sitting across from you?

I'm not sure. I'm struggling with this right now. It almost feels like the first guy I seriously date is like a rebound guy. It's just timing - he's there at the right time, but it's not going to end up being anything real. And maybe there is more to it - maybe I'm seeing things that aren't there, or are there and I just don't want to give up (or know how to). My emotions are swirling right now about A.

Am I in love with the feeling of a relationship or is this really what's it is really like? (Or am I being a shallow witch?)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Funny thoughts

I just had to share two funny things that I think you would like.

I've discovered a new blog. It's naughty and dirty and I love it.

It's called Blogging Dangerously.

Lately, she's been talking about her kids, but usually she's blogging about her sexy thoughts and escapades. Check it out!

And then funny thing number 2 - I so wish I had a video of this from last night, but I was too busy trying not to pee my pants while laughing.

If you ever want a really good laugh, play Cranium or charades (with 2 people acting out) and give the 2 drunkest people in the room the word "Rodeo". And just watch what happens. If you get Shawn and Christina, you'll end up with something that looks like combination of a corpse, doing it doggy-style, a white guy dancing to hip hop, and bull riding. Now try and guess rodeo from that. I couldn't get it...we lost that one.

Poor Christina, it was all Shawn's fault. He was really the one doing all the actions - at once.

Don't You Always Go for a Test Drive Before you Buy the Car????

Today's planned post was to finally talk about what it is that I'm looking for in a guy - my bullet- point list as to what I like and dislike, my must-haves, etc.

I'll still get to that very soon but in the meantime, things happen. Discussions are had and now that's all I can think about. But at least it's all related.

Yesterday, I went to a party for my friends' new 5 week old baby at Jenn and Greg's house. A good time, a few beers, some old toy cars, and NCAA basketball was had by all. Oh and we all held the new baby, who is so cute and precious. In between basketball games, some of us started talking about my blog and A. And I ended up pulling up A's profile that's on the Internet dating site. And I took another look at it. And I saw some things that gave me some pause.

So being a Catholic dating website, they ask you to post how you feel about pre-martial sex and birth control. I was honest - I said that I was for both (even though it's against the church - Again, I didn't say I was perfect. Hey I played a sassy Mary Magdalene in our high school religion class) Well, now I'm noticing that he's marked that he doesn't believe in pre-martial sex and in birth control (I don't understand how guys can support the birth control stance - it's not really a benefit to them - but anywho?) I'm starting to think after I read that. Things are starting to make alittle more sense? I'm starting to wonder is this a deal breaker? When do I bring this up? Is this what he really thinks or is he just putting this out there?

I think I've already gotten some clues. And I don't know if I agree where this is heading. Sex is important in a serious relationship. A girl needs to fully test drive the car before she considers a purchase. Could you imagine if you married someone without ever having sex and then your sex life was incompatible? I know people used to do it this way all the way into the 1970's, but times have changed radically. Sex is all we talk about half the time. They advertise birth control on TV.

Has anyone ended it with someone over bad sex? Or no sex?

And don't even get me started on the no birth control. As you know I watch Teen Mom, we know how no birth control ends up.

So I'm going to keep thinking about this. I have to go to figure out what I'm going to wear for this date tonight....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Being Introduced

It's Saturday morning. Teen Mom is on. Love that show. What these girls are thinking? I don't know, but life gets alot harder later on even if you don't have a kid. But I can't stop watching (and sometimes yelling at the TV).

So today I want to talk about introducing someone to your friends and family. Is there a magical or typical time? Do people just do it when it feels right? Is it really that big of a deal? (OK - it is still a big deal to meet parents - at least in my book).

I can still tell you the exact words my father used in high school when he wanted to meet the guys I dated in high school. It was in the form of a question, but it was a demand. "So when am I going to meet this boy?" equalled you better put this boy in front of me before he takes you out again. When those words were spoken, I just physically cringed. But I obeyed.

I've been thinking about this because it seems that tomorrow I'm meeting A's sister and her husband. We are going to go to dinner with them tomorrow. When he first texted me about it, I didn't think anything of it. We've talked about her before. He's very close to both his brother and sister. But now that I've had 24 hours to digest, I'm getting alittle nervous. This is only date number 4. I've just been introduced to his dog. He hasn't been inside my house. This seems like a big step. What does it mean? What's our status? I don't even know what to wear? I wasn't even considering introducing him to my siblings. He did get introduced to one of my co-workers last date - but it was just an introduction.

As usual, I'm just going to have wing it. As with this whole thing....

Friday, April 1, 2011

Opps....I never said I was perfect

Just checked my phone and I got a text message from B.

It says "Thanks for responding. You are very rude".

It kind of makes me laugh (ok - in an embarrassed way).

Let me back up for a second. He emailed me over the weekend about going out on Monday. I emailed him back and then didn't hear from him for days. Finally I get a text saying "Sorry. You're email got stuck in my spam". Then at some point, I got a phone call from him but I can't remember if there was a voicemail. I didn't return it, but that was only Tuesday or Wednesday.

And now this. Oh well. I never said I was perfect?

Time for Friday at the mall with margaritas, shopping, and work horror stories with Amy.

Kiss Off

So I did it. I started to chicken out yesterday. I thought well I really haven't talked to them in awhile so I don't really need to email C & D to tell them that I don't want to go on another date.

But I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to do it. So thanks to alittle courage from Miranda Lambert (love that girl! - much better than skinny Barbie, Carrie Underwood.)

Anywho, I sent two quick emails based on advice from Jonathan...Here's what I wrote to D.

----- (D's real name),

Thank you so much for the night out last week. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. It ended up being a busy week.

I had a really nice time last Wednesday. I've decided to see someone more seriously so I don't think I'd be up for another date.

You should definitely try one of the group runs that the MCRRC has. Perhaps we'll see each other there.

Good luck and thanks,

------ (Miss Scarlett's real name)

So maybe it was only a half truth/half lie. I basically sent the same thing to C - but nothing about the MCRRC (a running club) and I was more forceful on we won't be having another date.

I'm wavering on B right now. I kind of just want another date to have another date. It doesn't necessarily have to be with B (women - such shallow and evil creatures). Do I wait it out for next week with someone new or just plan something else with him??? Miranda want do you think? (She's singing about getting out of town away from a man).


A few changes to the blog

So as you might have noticed I've made a few changes to my blog. I changed my pen name (a few times) and I'm thinking about changing the theme of my blog. I'm currently looking at artwork.

But don't worry contents are all there. And you all still know where to find me.

I'm doing it because I'm thinking about submitting it to some blogging groups, Facebook, and stuff so I can get more readers. Your comments have all been so positive so why not?!

So I need to disguise myself alittle more. I'm starting to get paranoid.