Tuesday, March 15, 2011

After Track Practice Update

Just a quick update. I made it onto all 3 internet dating sites since getting back from practice. Responded to a bunch of emails and winks and sent 1 or 2 feelers out myself. I had 2 invites for drinks and 1 for coffee. So hopefully I can juggle all of them with being in Richmond this weekend and USO volunteering on Thursday. One guy comes through Tysons at 4:30 everyday!!! Who is out of work by 4:30? I'm trying to push it back to 5 at least.

The one guy I thought I would hear from I haven't. I'll call him "Mr. Texter/Caller". He informs me via the website email that he's really great guy and quickly sends me his phone number, telling me that he really likes texting and calling. Mind you, this was after 3 really introductory emails. I write back very politely and in my email say I think instead of texting/calling that we should just meet. Just from his emails he kind of smells immature like a high school boy. Oh well Mr. Texter/Caller, I can't say I'll be sad if I never hear from you again.

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