Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blogger's Regret...

I'm imaging that last night's post has stirred alot of questions in my reader's mind. There has been a question or two emailed to me. In fact a few of you have said to be before, you should date Jonathan.

(Side note: I'm totally regretting using his real name as of this morning. Getting that total walk of shame feeling, especially based on what I am about to write. So I'm going back and changing his name. I think I'll call him...Don Juan. Remember that people!)

There are several reasons why I should not date Don Juan. The biggest and main reason is that we are not at the same stage in our lives. He wants to go out every other night to the clubs and meet as many girls in as many cities as possible. And I do not. He thinks that in a few years when a few years past 30 (the age in which he considers his life to be over and in need of a walker and Depends. I'm serious - he's told me this for years) he'll be ready to settle down with a hot modelesque wife and have a few kids.

If I still haven't convinced you, let me share with you his weekend plans. I feel that they will seal the deal. This weekend, he is going to NYC to meet up with an actress (who he previously met at a club in LA) who does not have any nudity clauses in her film contracts. She has a prolific film career in a certain genre of films where story lines are not very important and aliases are used by most actors and actresses. Do you catch my drift? He's going to accompany her as her assistant to an industry event and party it up. He hopes to be come very acquainted with some of her friends.

And this is prime example of why I say we will not be dating. He's like my little brother and truly I enjoy it that way.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Those three little words...

Those three little words. For me, it was really hard to say them for awhile, but it's gotten much easier. They always make you stop in your tracks when you hear them. There's magic in those three little words.

I already told you how I told my personal trainer, Don Juan, that I loved him one very sleepy morning. It just popped out. I've been holding on to a secret for several weeks. He actually told me that he loved me several weeks ago, but it's not what you think. Let me set the scene.

I have access to good seats to the local major league baseball team. Jonathan played baseball in his youth and at the collegiate level. I try to get him tickets at least once every season. He asked me to get him seats to a specific game. I was able to get him those tickets for him. So I texted him and told him to meet me in the lobby of his building (it's next to mine) to give him the tickets.

It's so weird sometimes to see someone in a different context than you normally see them. We hugged and started talking, but there was something awkward in our conversation. I couldn't figure out what it was. Maybe it was the hug. We don't normally hug, but I've hugged him before. Anyway, we just nervously chatting and all the sudden, he said, "I love you." My brain just stopped for a second. Did I just hear what I think I heard? There was a pause all around. I think we were both shocked by the admission. But then he just kept going. The subject might have even changed. It felt more comfortable. The tension was gone. The moment was over. But it was a flat-out "I love you", not a "I love you for doing this".

Let me tell you. No matter who says it or when they say it, there is always a little magic in those three little words.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Slow Turnover

Don't you hate it when you go to start a blog post and you get called into a meeting.

Really, I don't usually blog at work (other than to read and approve comments), but I'm feeling so guilty about the slowness of my posts. I'm finally back from 3 weeks of non-stop travelling and spotty internet coverage, but I'm having the hardest time finding time to put my ideas on paper into ideas on the internet. I guess I was used to being on the road.

I wanted to bring to everyone's attention an awesome class/self-study opportunity that is starting soon. Registration just opened today. As I said in my life list post, I had the good luck of signing up for an all day workshop given by the blogger Karen Walrond (@Chookooloonks) about life transitions (starting one, exercises for thinking about your direction, and documenting it). Karen has turned our one day workshop into a 5 week online/self study course. As someone who has been transitioning in her life and still is, I found the workshop so helpful.

Here is the link:

Chookooloonks Pathfinder Course

If you have any questions, let me know.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Something different - a new list

I added a new page to the blog. It's my life list. It's a list of things I'd like to do in my life. But I'm not going to feel bad about not accomplishing everything on the list. It's not a bucket list. It's a list of things I want to do in order to live life. A list to take the bull by the horns every once in awhile instead of just living life as it comes all the time.

I want to try and get to around 100 items on the list. So I'll let you know as I add to the list or accomplish a task.

I suggest you trying to do the list as well. It's really actually exciting to figure out what cool things you've already done as well as figure out what you'd like to accomplish.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quick blogger's note

There will be some changes to the blog in the next couple of weeks. I went to a huge women in blogging and social media conference last week in California and got lots of good info/tips/ideas for my blog. Some I've already started implementing. Some I'll be working on amid sleep (I took the red eye back last night), duties as a new aunt (born 11 days early while I was in CA), and bridesmaid duties (back-to-back bachelorette party weekends out of town).

So I thank you in advance for your patience, dedication, and love. I'll be asking for feedback so let me know what you think. An silence will be judging as undying approval.


A New Pick-up Line

The art of the pick-up line is just that an art. There have been TV shows made, articles written, and many a conversation had about what works and what does not. Well, I have discovered a new pick-up line. A new way to get what you need.

In the evening at the conference, there are parties galore. There are huge public parties that are sponsored by the conference and then there are smaller private parties. I was lucky to get invites to three private parties. I made sure on the first night to make it out the single bloggers party. These were my people; this was my tribe.

The single blogger party was being thrown at the nightclub Float at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. I had on a hot new cocktail dress. The party was fun and chic. I talked and drank until the party ended. As I was leaving, I struck up a conversation with a promoter at the front door of the club. Don’t ask me how or why, but I found myself chatting with him. I think it had to do with the swag bag I had in my hand. I was going through the bag telling him about what was in it, and proceeded to pull out the packages of condoms that I had gotten at another party. And you can well imagine (and what I wasn’t grasping at the time) he was thinking I was DTF. That’s a Jersey Short reference if you don’t know what DTF is. Google it. He says, “What’s your number?” I start to give it to him, knowing full well that I am totally giving him a fake number. I’m slightly intoxicated but not drunk. I’m going back to my hotel and going to bed. I’m not hooking up with a club promoter hours from now. So I start to leave when he gets distracted while getting my number, but he calls me back and I finish giving him my fake number. I feel bad for whoever has that number, but a girl’s got to do what a girl has got to do.

While I’m flattered he wanted my number, I think it had more to do with my intoxication and my condoms. So if you are DTF and need a partner, start pulling condoms out in conversations and I’m sure you’ll get what you want.

Yes, I’m still wondering what I was thinking that night.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How we met - A Marine and a small town girl

Let's start with the latest story that I've been told. It's about a young Marine and a small town girl.

This young marine was drafted into the service in the early 1970's and sent to Vietnam. He didn't stay long in Vietnam and was shipped back to the southern California coast. Eventually, he was re-posted to Quantico Marine Base. The young marine was from Richmond, VA (small world!). He ended up going to visit a childhood friend and the friend's parents down in Lexington, NC. The father of his friend was the pastor of his hometown church. While down in North Carolina, he met a beautiful young woman who lived a block away from the pastor's family. There was just something about her. He couldn't stop thinking about her when he wasn't with her. He only had a motorcycle at the time, but he found himself driving every available weekend down to see her (no matter rain, wind, or cold). He just had so much fun with her. Six months after meeting her, she would become his wife. And off they rode into the sunset in their newly purchased car - to the west coast in Oceanside, California.

Thanks to Bill for the beautiful story and answering all my questions.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How we met...a new feature!

So I had a inspiration while I was hoofing it through the airport today. I often ask married people how they met their significant other. I ask just to give myself ideas about how to meet men and what to look for...

I happened to strike up a conversation with the nice older gentleman that sat in the seat next to me on the plane. It came up as I was getting settled in my seat that I was on my way to San Diego to attend a blogging conference. And once he heard what my blog was about, he wanted to know all about it.

So as part of our 5 hour long conversation, I asked him how he met his wife of 40 years and he told me the story.

I may ask each of you and strangers your story of how you met the "one". It will be fun and hopefully remind you of the excitement of those first days!

Happy News!

Congratulations to my lovely reader, Katie, and her new fiancee, Rick!!! Big news last night as I was packing up my stuff to my trip!

I'd add a picture of the ring here, but I can't figure it out...Boo!

So very excited and happy for you guys! Now the fun beginning! Many best wishes!

(Is that English? Many best wishes?)

Sunny San Diego

It's 1 PM here in sunny San Diego. I've been up since 4 AM EDT - so almost 12 hours. It's beautiful out and it's taking everything I've got not to throw on my bathing suit and run out to the pool. I'm out here in San Diego to attend a social media/blogging conference for WOMEN. I know, I know. What am I thinking? But I just wanted to investigate more about this blogging stuff by taking vacation days from my real job. I don't really fall into the model audience here, but we'll see. I'm going to a happy hour sponsored by the sex toys purveyor, Babeland, and a party at the Hard Rock Hotel for single bloggers so at least there is more that just me. Maybe some of you will be special enough to get some souvenirs! MWAH! HA! HA!

I know I've been lax in my posting so I'm going to be really good and catch you up with a multitude of posts. Isn't that what vacations are for?