Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm back

I'm back. I'm alittle relieved to have not blogged this weekend. I did miss you all. But I had writer's block. Well too many ideas, buzzing around.

I've been missing the mark with internet dating lately. Lots of missed connections. Missed emails. Emails not returned (not by me - I may be slow - but I email back eventually). I have been putting out feelers, but nothing has really been returned. So it's been discouraging.

I just took a break from emailing a 41 year old guy. I don't even care to talk to him. How sad is that? I don't really know anything about this guy. I feel like I should give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe?

Is that my problem? I'm not a good picker? I'm going to the wrong places? (more on that tomorrow). I'm struggling alittle with these questions. Dr. Phil says it's about quantity. The more you date and interact, the more you're likely to find your mate. And that rings true to me. I've learned that he's not going to find me sitting here on my couch. (I wish he would). You have to go out there and take chances. But am I taking enough chances? I have basically lived in the same place my entire life - how many chances have I really taken?

So any ideas? I've gotten a few. I'll probably try a few of them. What do I have to lose?

Here are the ideas: Sons of Italy dinner in Baltimore (maybe some old lady or man will want to set me up with their grandson), and rock climbing

Ok, I'm off to contemplate these things.


I think I've replaced my addiction to celebrity gossip with regular blogs (I have up celebrity gossip for Lent. Last week of the insanity!) I think my boss is going crazy. I can't help it. It's much more interesting than work...accounting can be so boring sometimes.

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