Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mid-week update

I owe you a quick update on my relationships...

So I texted A Tuesday to see if he was around to talk. He had been away all weekend and I said no to the Sunday date (moving did go later and was more exhausting that expected). He was in class that night until late and so I told him to call me when he had time to talk. I don't know what his work schedule is. So no phone call yet.

I've been talking to another guy (not even worthy of a letter yet - no date yet). We've been exchanging emails, etc. And he wanted to talk via telephone (slight kiss of death - but I was open-minded). And I emailed him my phone number Tuesday and said "Yes, call me Wednesday". (He only gave me a Monday - Wednesday window. Maybe he doesn't have phone service the rest of the week - just kidding). But no call Wednesday night. So try try again.

And the guy who I gave my number to ("Mr. Business Card"). No email or call from Mr. Business Card. Honestly, I knew I had a 50/50 shot with him. He seemed into me, but who knows what's going on with him.

So there is the update. It's been alot of fall-starts and missed emails (but other parts of my life are busy too). Hopefully, it starts to pick up my readers - so I have something exciting to talk to you about. Or at least funny.

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