Sunday, April 3, 2011

Don't You Always Go for a Test Drive Before you Buy the Car????

Today's planned post was to finally talk about what it is that I'm looking for in a guy - my bullet- point list as to what I like and dislike, my must-haves, etc.

I'll still get to that very soon but in the meantime, things happen. Discussions are had and now that's all I can think about. But at least it's all related.

Yesterday, I went to a party for my friends' new 5 week old baby at Jenn and Greg's house. A good time, a few beers, some old toy cars, and NCAA basketball was had by all. Oh and we all held the new baby, who is so cute and precious. In between basketball games, some of us started talking about my blog and A. And I ended up pulling up A's profile that's on the Internet dating site. And I took another look at it. And I saw some things that gave me some pause.

So being a Catholic dating website, they ask you to post how you feel about pre-martial sex and birth control. I was honest - I said that I was for both (even though it's against the church - Again, I didn't say I was perfect. Hey I played a sassy Mary Magdalene in our high school religion class) Well, now I'm noticing that he's marked that he doesn't believe in pre-martial sex and in birth control (I don't understand how guys can support the birth control stance - it's not really a benefit to them - but anywho?) I'm starting to think after I read that. Things are starting to make alittle more sense? I'm starting to wonder is this a deal breaker? When do I bring this up? Is this what he really thinks or is he just putting this out there?

I think I've already gotten some clues. And I don't know if I agree where this is heading. Sex is important in a serious relationship. A girl needs to fully test drive the car before she considers a purchase. Could you imagine if you married someone without ever having sex and then your sex life was incompatible? I know people used to do it this way all the way into the 1970's, but times have changed radically. Sex is all we talk about half the time. They advertise birth control on TV.

Has anyone ended it with someone over bad sex? Or no sex?

And don't even get me started on the no birth control. As you know I watch Teen Mom, we know how no birth control ends up.

So I'm going to keep thinking about this. I have to go to figure out what I'm going to wear for this date tonight....

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