Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spotty Internet is not the reason for my silence

Spotty Internet is not the reason for my silence (although it is the reason I'm writing the post across from a nerd with a chess book and wearing a shirt for our local community college (nicknamed "Harvard on the Pike") at one of my local Starbucks). The reason is a combination of lack of real solid news, motivation and time.

I have put sleep and exercise and cooking and a million other reasons (like movies and singing in the car) before you. And I've been feeling guilty (thanks Catholicism) about this whole dating thing. I haven't been as dedicated to it as I should be. But it's not that I've been sitting at home on my butt. I've just been running around - doing things (in traffic). And I haven't been making time.

Well I take that back, my therapist (who reads my blog now) said last week, she's worried that my dedication will diminish now that it's set in that it's going to take me longer to make this happen than I had secretly hoped. Of course I hoped it was going to be easy (but like everything in my life - it's never easy). Can't one thing just be easy? Just once?

Anyway, so her statement has been playing around in my head and I renewed my effort on the getting dates front last week and I should have some first dates to talk about next week (YEAH!!!) It should be interesting...

So in my free time, I have been answering stupid questions - like what is my dream vacation? (Right now I'd say anywhere away from work with hot guys to look at? - not really a good answer to a guy, right?)

So that's what I've been up to...but I need MOTIVATION!!! Yell at me. Harrass me! Anything! I need all the help to stick to this that I can get!

That's it. Amen!

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