Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deal-breakers and Nice-to-Haves

This post has been on the idea list for ages. Earlier on, it would have been much easier to write. I don't know why I put it off. As time goes by and I get busy with the business of dating, it's hard to remember all the things I originally put on my bullet list for the man I want.

So here goes...(in no particular order):
  • self-confidence
  • independence
  • healthy lifestyle (or willingness to have one) - he doesn't have to exercise as much as I do but he has to let me do it.
  • strong worth ethic
  • desire to have a family/children (sooner rather than later)
  • responsibility with money
  • common sense
  • sense of humor
  • self-reliant
  • masculine (I'm looking for a guy's guy - no metrosexuals)
Gosh - do I want too much? I think I could use Dr. Phil right about now.

Ok - let's try deal-breakers...
  • No physical chemistry
  • No pre-marital sex (we've talked about this already here).
  • Irresponsibility with money (If I can keep mine and other people's money, he can at least take care of his).
  • No self-confidence (I don't do well with guys who can't make their own decisions.)
I think that's it for now...but I'm going to keep thinking about it and I'm sure I'll have another post to revise my list.

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