Thursday, April 7, 2011

Decisions and Copping Out

So the next morning after the date with A, I was thinking. Ok, I'll give him one more date so that I can get some questions answered and some things out on the table. That way we can really figure out if this is going to work. But it's got to be a quiet casual at home or just dinner kind of date.

And then he didn't call or text on Monday. And then he didn't call or text on Tuesday. And I didn't call either day. So I'm thinking by Wednesday early evening that he must have felt the same way about the date as I did. It was weird. We are not that great together.

So I go to see my therapist. We talk about what's been going on for the last 2 weeks. And most specifically about A and this date. And she points out that I need to work on my communication skills and things I could have done better (next time!). She really wants me to call him and get some/give some closure to him. She says I need to use all my courage. I say ok and I'm off.

Well, his ears must have been ringing because no sooner than 5 minutes after leaving the appointment that my phone rings and it's A. I don't pick up because I'm driving and need to fish out my headphones. And for a second, I debate not calling him back. But I have to call him anyway - I might as well make it now while driving home. So I call back. And he acts like nothing is wrong!!! Like our conversation wasn't so weird! Like he doesn't even care that he hasn't even made it to first base!!! This guy has to be a robot!!!

He doesn't even seem concerned that I didn't try to communicate with him in the last 2 days. So after some idle chitchat, he asks me out for Sunday. I just couldn't do it and I had an excuse. My sister and brother-in-law are moving on Sunday and I've now volunteered myself to help!!! (I was going to volunteer anyway, but honestly if I really wanted to, I could have made it work. I'm just a chicken! I admit it!)

So no date is in the works. We'll just see the following week. I need a few more days to psyche myself up. Why is it that it goes perfectly in your head but not so much in real life?

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