Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Confusion and chaos reign...

Oh how I've missed posting. Yesterday and Monday were killer days at the office. Long hours and constant whining by the men that surround me. Can you do this? Help me? I don't know how. Their whining and puppy dog looks no longer work on me. I've seen their true colors (love of alcohol, gambling and women) so your sad faces don't make me feel sorry for you.

Only some Cole Haan sandals that I really wanted last summer and suckered myself into buying at $100 and some off made me feel slightly better (and ice cream).

But it has also changed the subject of today's post. I was really struggling with my original idea so I need more time. But I need to update you on my latest date with A. It was very interesting.

So as I blogged about we were going to dinner with his sister and her husband. Now he had described her to me before as kind of ditzy and a former friend of Mary Jane. And he's not super tall and ok build - so I'm expecting some earthy-ish, alittle chubby ditzy bag. What do I see instead when I meet her - a 6 foot something, size 00, dressed casually chic (in pricy jeans - $225 she tells me later) glamazon!!! She could have easily been walking the streets of downtown Manhattan.

Oh - I was so off my game. So confused. She was really nice, but wow not at all what I expected. They don't even resemble each other. We had a beer at her house and it was potent. Why do they make these crafty beers with varying degrees of alcohol? I was lit when we left the house. Luckily I sat in the back, but the roads we took were hilly and windy. Don't worry I made it. The meal was good. A and I didn't really talk that much to each other during dinner. Towards the end, I got up and went to the ladies room (since I had had a beer, tons of water and a couple of glasses of wine). I was feeling much more sober, thanks to the water and food. At first I was like, do I leave and let them talk about me? But my head said that my bladder wasn't going to make it all the way back to her house. So I left the table. Let them talk about me. It was going to happen anyway.

So back to sister's house, say goodbye and then we had about another hour drive back to my house. It was dark at this point, but not really late. He did pick me up before 5. So halfway though the drive, he says to me, "It's so nice to meet someone who shares the same views on God as I do." (or something like that) Thank goodness it was dark because I definitely have laughed/smirked. I'm thinking yeah right - like we have the same views (did you look at my profile - no sex boy?) Plus you don't know this but I support gay marriage so does my mother. So I just ignore him and he goes into this thought about how all the western or ancient religions all stem from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I'm thinking where are you going with this? And instead of asking questions so that I better understand (as my therapist said I should), I kind of went off the assumption that he was implying that these were like the true religions or something like that - so I brought up Buddhism and Hinduism...very major world religions.

(I should sidebar here for a second. Two things you should know about me. 1. I really believe in respecting other people's religious beliefs and even if you don't agree with them (as long as they aren't hurtful), you should respect them (and they should respect mine). 2. Not everyone in my family is Catholic. My grandmother was a life-long Methodist and her side of the family is either Methodist or Presbyterian. We went to bible camp at a Methodist church as kids and say Protestant grace at home. I don't understand all the Protestant denominations - but I'm quite familiar with a few.)

So we are in the midst of this very strange conversation about religion and what I feel like he is telling me are the best ones, when my phone rings - saved by the bell!!! It was a friend who never calls me - so I answered. I was never so happy. I made the conversation quick and then explained to A what it was about. And from there we moved on to other topics of conversation. Soon I was home. Earlier in the day, I thought well if we get home at a decent hour, I'll invite him up into my house. Well! He evidently had other plans because he didn't even pull the car in the driveway. It was left running out in the street. He did hop out when I did and we talked for a few minutes in the driveway. It all ended with just a hug and a peck (no sparks this time).

So now I'm confused. What is going on here?

Quick side note: I went in for the hug when he knocked on my door to pick me up and I realized halfway there - no arms outstretched at me. What you don't even want a hug? So I jumped back. Adding to the confusion of the date.

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