Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What are you trying to say?

I was actually on top of my game and had already started today's blog entry last night. But I'm not ready to finish and publish that post yet. Yesterday's ideas and emotions on the subject are different from today's. So I need to sit and percolate with it overnight before I give you all my thoughts...(the funny thing is I'm watching the same show again - the season finale of Bethenny) Stay tuned.

But don't worry. I still have things to talk about. I need to recap my 2nd date with F.

So after the constant need for dates from Chapter 2 of the saga with F, I ended up with a 2nd date a week later with F. He suggested dinner and a movie - I agreed. We talked on the phone and set up that we would me at a local restaurant that is between our houses (closer to mine but I'm still not exactly sure where he lives). So I'm there at the appointed time - he's alittle late. I'm thinking this isn't a good sign, but he comes. (Oh and he's wearing a wrinkled long-sleeve t-shirt with some martial arts stuff on it. Gee! Did I wake you up from your nap?) We put our name in and sit at the bar and get drinks.

We just start talking -- just casual conversation. He pretty quickly brings back up the topic of "You seem busy". I still haven't figured out what he's trying to get at and what is the answer he wants to hear. But I'm honest. I say well I do work Monday through Friday and he agreed that made sense (I got a laugh). And I pointed out that I had actually just told him that I had spent most of the afternoon just relaxing at my house, watching the movie Juno and napping. So I'm not sure how busy I really am. Looking back I think it might have just been an excuse he was using not to see me again. Really I don't know. I just knew we weren't communicating on the same wavelength.

We eventually got a table. And we ordered food and were talking. The weird thing that came up in conversation was the surgery that I had when I was 13. I've told people about it before - that's not a biggie. But he really wanted to know about why I had it and what it was. It was kind of an awkward conversation. I was alittle uncomfortable talking so in depth about it.

Anyway....we finish around 8:30 and he follows me to the movie theater. Another sign that this isn't going well. A few miles down the road, we get there. We walk in and decide what to see - an action flick. And then it starts - once we get down the escalator, he's walking in front of me. I try to catch up but I can't. My legs aren't that long. So I'm following. I think "No biggie - maybe he doesn't realize". On the way out, same thing - he's ahead of me. I try to catch up but there's no way so I just trail behind. And it's like that all the way back to the car. This has never happened to me. I can see all these couples walking side-by-side out of the theater. I'm not sure how this is going to end at my car, but a few sentences and some guys want to get into the car next to us so we say a quick goodbye and he's off to his car.

I haven't heard from him since then and I haven't tried to contact him. Whatever he's looking for, I'm not it. And he's not it for me. At least I feel like I tried to communicate better. Sometimes you're just not on the same wavelength.

Alright - I need to read this article about women and how hormones affect the men they are attracted to. Research...

And I have to submit another recipe to the contest - you are allowed one per day so I have one more for country style ribs.

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