Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting giggy with G

I promised you a second post today to make up for the last night's lack of posts. And I'm feeling alittle feisty right now because Bethenny is on right now. And she gets me hyper and ballsy.

I'm behind on my date recaps. The next one I'll talk about is G. G was a nice sounding foreign born guy. He works in the city in an accounting/finance capacity (I couldn't exactly figure it out and I got even more confused when I actually met him and asked him about it.). So we met up in the city at a restaurant near his office that I had never been to but had heard good things about it. I figured at least I'd get a drink and a look at a restaurant that I'd heard good things about.

Well he's nicely waiting for me outside the restaurant. And again, he doesn't exactly look like the picture. Guys - if you once had hair and no longer have hair, don't keep the pictures of you with hair on a dating website. It's not that I have a thing against bald guys, but if you don't update your pictures, it makes me wonder what else are you hiding or not telling me. I used to have a short chin length bob, but that was 5 years ago, so I don't post any of those on my profile. It's not an accurate representation. Maybe you don't like longer dark hair?? Then you aren't going to pick me. It's fine by me. I'm not a big fan of blonds anyway.

There you go - dating tip for today - you can thank me later.

He was very sweet. The bar was packed so he suggested another restaurant that was nearby. I agreed, because he had a somewhat thick accent and being that we were on the street, it was alittle hard to understand him. And sometimes even later, he was alittle hard to understand.

So we ended up at a nice formal Spanish restaurant. We shared a few tapas and I had two glasses of delicious sangria. He was interesting but there was no chemistry what so ever. The date had a tone of a business lunch. Somehow we ended up talking for about 2 and a half hours. Maybe it was the sangria. I did bring up movies (yeah for homework) because I had actually watched a guy movie ("The Fighter") prior to this date. And he proceeds to tell me how he really likes Italian movies from the 1950's. I have nothing on 1950's Italian movies...I just tried not to laugh. I had finally done my homework and this guy is watching something so obscure that I still have nothing.

I used my parking meter as an a excuse and said I had to go. He walked me the few blocks to my car. He was surprised when I gave him a hug at my car. And I was surprised too since I had to lean down in my heels to give him the hug. I knew when I shut the door that he wasn't going to call me and I gave a little cheer. I didn't have to give any bad news after this one.

I haven't heard from him and that's ok. He's a nice guy, but just not the nice guy for me and I'm not the nice girl for him.

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