Wednesday, May 4, 2011

F - A continuation

F and I had a lovely, nice, normal date on Saturday. Just lunch. He walked me to my car and I said something like "Thanks so much and we should do this again". He responded, "Really?". Ok - maybe my tiredness showed at the end of the date. I blame allergies. I respond enthusiastically "Sure". And I was off.

Ten minutes after I got in the car, I get a text from F, "Thank you...I had a nice time". Sweet. I saw the text about 15 minutes later (I was driving around the mall). "Me too. Thanks!", I respond. 50 minutes later, I get another text. He writes, "Do you want to do something tomorrow?" Wow...I didn't think the date was that spectacular. I didn't think I was that spectacular. But I wasn't feeling the same enthusiasm - I was feeling selfish (I wanted my Sunday to myself or at least to just pad around the house and we weren't there yet.) So I lied and wrote, "I can't. How about Wednesday or Friday?" See - not a total witch.

And then he immediate writes back, "Yea Wednesday we can have dinner And if things go well maybe friday we can watch a movie together or something". I freaked! My mind is racing - he just wants me to pencil in 2 dates? (Note to reader: Reading this the 2nd time, it's really not as freaky as I originally thought, but I was truly freaked out for 24 hours. I'm like a horse, guys - you spook me while I'm still trying to evaluate you and I will run away quicker than you can blink. I'm just saying. No sudden moves.)

So I keep the freak under control and agree to Wednesday for dinner. I say nothing about Friday. He's cool and we'll talk later.

Next day, 7:00 AM the texts start. I'm at the gym waiting for Jonathan (my personal trainer, guy expert, and master roster builder). I think F gets annoyed that I'm not answering back immediately but I told him I was at the gym. 10:30 another text. It was a busy day (really busy - the bosses were away). I don't get back to him until 4:30 when I check my phone. It's just small talk.

An hour later (5:30), I get a text back from him. It says, "So im gathering your a busy woman lol with work and running and dating....have. u found anyone u want to date yet? Im only asking cuz it seems like u don't have time to talk". I'm thinking you texted me at the gym this morning - but I responded within 20 minutes and then I went to work. They don't pay me to text people; they pay me to work!!!!

I respond back about a half an hour later. I wasn't attached to my phone. I wrote, "Yes I can be busy at times. Just depends on what is going on. I don't sit at home waiting for the phone to ring but when I commit to hanging out with someone, I'm 100% there and present". It's true.

He writes back "I see what r your plands for Saturday". I'm thinking - Again with trying to set up a third date without having a 2nd. You are really doing a great job at spooking me. I'm about to call the whole thing off. So I write back "Are we still on for tomorrow?"

Overnight, I get a response that yes we are still on and what did I want to do. I text back that we should go to dinner in a town in between ours. He says that's good.

And then mid-morning after I ask about what time, he says well I can do dinner but it would have to be after 8 pm. So he asks if I just want to reschedule for the weekend. I say ok - let's do the weekend. I was having a bad day - going home to relax sounded nice. He suggests dinner and a movie on Saturday night. That's fine I say. He'll call me tonight.

It's now 9:30 and still no phone call. I go to bed soon. I'm winding down.

And I'm now wondering if he's playing games with me. Ugh! He's mad because I'm not head over heels and want to talk every minute of the day. Well, if that's the case, it's not going to end well. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this saga continues.

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