Saturday, May 14, 2011

We are all Animals

Today we have a guest blogger helping me out. Really it comes from my last post. Ms. Amy sent me a nice long couple of paragraphs of feedback on my last post. And after reading her insights, I declared that she was getting a guest blog post...

The lightning bolt is a reflection of your animal instinct. People forget we're really animals because we think we're more advanced then them. We stare at African animals mating with amazement, but it's not like humans always shut their dog or their cat out of the room when they decide to get it on. What must that pet be thinking?!

Anyway, you may not always have a bolt when you meet someone, but if they make advances/flirtations towards you and there's no spark there may not ever be. Or you may get it after you get to know them as a person. Really, I think you have to know them on some level to get that spark. I mean, how many Brad Pitts do you know? Exactly.

Anyway, don't give up on the first date or the second. But after 4 or 5, you should know whether you have enough common ground to make it worth your while. Semi-spark or none at all are part of the overall picture of the common ground or lack thereof. You should be more worried about having a spark with a guy that ends up being not a good match for you. That's most people's problems. They keep things going because of a spark and ignore the douchebaginess. Um hello... that will get old in 20 yrs!

Quick background on Ms. Amy: She and I are approximately the same age. While I'm still single, she's been married to her husband for 7 years. She and I have been friends for 9-10 years (dang that's a long time) and she's often my wingwoman/pedicure partner/clothes critic/cocktail companion. She is also not perfect, but she is honest, loyal, and funny. I know she'll always tell me when I'm being crazy. Amen.

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Miss Scarlett said...

I've read Amy's thoughts multiple times since she sent them to me. At first, I thought, "OOh crap...I've messed up a bunch of these dates." I only got to 4 dates with A. But really looking back, I wasn't the one that always ended the interaction with the different letters. Phew! The ones that I did end after one or two dates should I have let them play out longer? Maybe. But we can't go back. Only forward. So that's why I ask these questions.

I don't know why I feel the need to end some of them. It's just a feeling I get. Maybe I'm just enjoying the variety. Maybe I'm just running away. Or maybe we just don't have enough in common and my gut is just telling me. Do we ever know?