Friday, May 13, 2011

Posting Delay was not my fault - Or the Real Title of this Post: That Lightning Bolt?

I had this post all outlined out in my head yesterday but when I logged in last night to write it up, Blogger (the platform I use) was down!!! Ahhh!! So I tweeted about Blogger being down (cop out), but abandoned the post for the night because I had to get up before the crack of dawn this morning to get things done before work.

It's a non-date posting today, but something I have been very curious about. So I really hope that you guys give me feedback on this.

I'm curious about the lightning bolt, or as people often write, "When I saw him/her, I just knew". Love at first sight?? But is it really?

Who out there has experienced it?

Twice I've met guys and on the first touch (just a handshake), it was like a bolt of electricity ran right through my body. I swear I jumped off the ground for a second. It definitely wasn't static electricity. And I definitely was in a state of startle and shock. Was it lust? Was our hormones reacting to each other? Or was it something else?

I ended up not making out with either one of them (it was a room full of people both times) and it fact nothing (other than some very heavy flirting) ever became of them for various reasons. But is this what I should be looking for? Is this my sign? (This post feels like it's taking the turn of a Judy Blume novel.)

Should I have pursued these? Too late now - a long time ago.

Or does your awareness of "the one" grow over time? If so, how much time do you give? I've gotten some advice from people - definitely need some sort of physical relationship with a person to know, but what if you aren't not even sure if you want another date? How many dates should you give a guy before you give up?

These are ideas I struggle with. I wonder if I give up so easily on a guy because it is so easy to just say "Next". My star sign says that Libras are escapists and indecisive (great!! good girlfriend material). But at the same time, you can't just stay with a guy because it's easy and convenient.

So those of you out there with "the one", how did it work for you? Give this girl some ideas on how you know!!!

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