Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Second Date with "I" - Opposites Attract?

I'm feeling feisty. I just broke Oprah's rule of eating - no eating after 7 or 8 (or whatever time it is she said). It's just before 9 PM and I scarfed down a homemade flank steak taco with pico de gallo and hand grated Monterey jack cheese. And it was worth it. Also, I've realized that I have eaten tacos for 4 nights in a row. Oh well - they were all homemade (mostly by me).

Well last night was date 3 with "I" and some of you know it started out with anxiety and it got alittle crazy. And I'm dying to tell you all about it, but since I haven't told you about date number 2, I thought I should recap it first.

So as I posted last week, I had some last minute middle of the night anxiety about this date. But thanks to some advice on what to say by J. Ross, my trusty advisor and personal trainer (this guy has juggling a roster of woman down to a science). I texted "I" and got him to change the location of the date from his condo to a restaurant in fun young professional city just over the river from the big city. A fake late meeting was my little white lie...

So we meet at the restaurant. I walk in right after him. I had been to the restaurant once before. Fancier American food but nothing too crazy. So we have dinner and talk about the menu for awhile and what we are having. I had the trout and a glass of wine. It was delicious. I almost inhaled it (it was that good - why I haven't been eating trout before last year I don't know). He had some kind of seafood dish. He kept wanting me to try it. I was like "No, I'm good." Seriously, if I wanted to eat your food, I would have ordered. I'm perfectly happy over here with my trout. After three times of asking, I think he got it. Besides, I don't want to be called fat again by one of my dates for my appetite.

We linger over our remaining drinks/wine and then look at the dessert menu. Neither of us order anything. I was having a fun time. The thing I did notice was we have nothing in common. He lives in the city/works in the city/uses nothing but public transportation. I live in the suburbs/work in the suburbs/practically live in my car in traffic. I listen to pop and country. He's a big hip hop and Latin music fan. He works in politics and I don't (and anyone in DC knows that usually he wouldn't give me the time of day for that reason). People who work on the Hill are like that. We just couldn't come up with anything.

So he pays the bill and says, "OK shall we go?" I was thinking, "What a buzzkill. I was having a good time." I can tell by the time we get out to the sidewalk this is the end of the date. He walks me a block or two down and we go in our separate directions - me to my car and him to the metro.

When I get in the car, I look at the clock. I had only met him an hour and 45 minutes prior. I didn't know what to make of it...but obviously a third date occurred. So tune in tomorrow to find out what happened.

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