Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Down and Out in DC...

I couldn't say Beverly Hills now...I don't live there. Nor do I want to. Well I suppose if you give me enough money I could live there...

But anyway, I'm kind of bummed out tonight. Yesterday, I was flying high. I did a 6 mile hill workout and felt fine afterwards!

But I crashed back to earth this morning. First I found out something I was thinking about pursuing to the next level is a time drainer/life sucker for some. Second, I read two articles about how people sometimes create a fantasy life for themselves online (especially bloggers and politicians); both slightly bummed me out even though my brain was like you know this. (I have also read a funny blog entry on Rep Weiner's behavior and specific advice to men on those actions using magazine circulation data as proof (PS. not impressive women - more on the creepy side.) And lastly, on my way to a meeting at the airport, I got a SPEEDING TICKET!! My second one ever. At least she didn't give me a reckless. And in the meeting, we talked about Families of the Fallen and our duties in helping them in the airport. I almost burst out in tears right there at the conference room table.

But after all my work making contacts on Monday, I knew I had to get back to my internet dating. And so I did. And I had an email waiting for me for a coffee date for Saturday. And he's kind of cute in the pictures.

So that's what's new with me. I have a training run in the AM so off to bed for me.

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