Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bridesmaids (and other wedding duties) - been there done that...

So as many of you know I'm in two weddings this year. In fact, the weddings are two weeks apart from each other and I'm a bridesmaid in both. This is the sixth and seventh weddings I've been in.

I know I'll be a third of the way to "21 Dresses" (yes they are all different and I still have all of them.) I also have a fancy, long white dress (from my college's Ring Dance - a deb ball. Another story for another day).

This morning, a friend's sister posted a link on her Facebook page to a Boston Globe article from this morning's paper about being a bridesmaid and this woman hit it on the head of what's it is like to stand up there with one of your friends - it's not all about the dress and the flowers.

So I knew I had just had to share it. So here's the link:

And a quick about things to come:

  • Final post on Memorial Day weekend - dating advice to a divorced Dad
  • First Date yesterday with I
  • Post on my thoughts on personal branding aka Bethenny and Kelly Cutrone
Ok - that's what's up. Some of these I've been meaning to write for weeks. But now I have to make preparation of a bridal shower in 2 weeks.


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Miss Scarlett said...

I just wanted to leave a comment on this post. The attached essay wasn't meant to be a bitter rant. I have just observed that the transition from single girl to wife isn't the only transition that goes on as a wedding occurs. There is also a transition in the relationships that surround the bride and groom (ie. friends and family). It creates a misty reminisce between girlfriends or mother and daughters or sisters. Conversations are had about prior good times and mutual struggles. Feelings of love and pride are expressed. And maybe a few tears and laughs are also had. It's just a natural process that is also happening in the background that it's sometimes missed, but also beautiful.