Monday, June 6, 2011

Bossy and then gone..

I planned on posting everyday this month since June is National Blog Posting Month. But that hasn't happened. I don't feel busier than prior months but somehow I can't find time to get it all done. It probably didn't help that from Saturday night to Sunday night I slept a total of 12.5 hours (Could I be having another growth spurt - totally slept every free moment when I had a growth spurt in high school).

Anyway, I just finished answering questions, sending emails, and winks (and all that other crap) that involves with convincing a guy to talk to me. I sent out a few rejects as well - sorry...

So I remembered that I had never told you about the first guy who ever asked me out. We'll call him Mr. DC Council. Within a few hours of setting up my profile on eHarmony, I had an email from this guy. He bypassed all the questions and other eHarmony stuff. He sent me an email with the most intense three or four sentences about himself. He loved running and yoga. He had run unsucessfully for the DC city council. He loved living in the city - a few blocks from the law firm and from yoga. And he ended it with "Let's go out sometime".

I emailed back slightly scared - ok mostly scared. Had he even read my profile? Sure - I'll go out with you. Why not get on the horse?

A few hours, I get an email back from him. This guy is fast. He has in the email instructions for me to meet him at a certain restaurant on a certain day at a certain time. My first thought - WOW! How presumptuous?? You just assume that I am available on this day at that time. And I like the type of food at that restaurant. It happened to be Chinese food. Why if I didn't like Chinese food? It was just so odd.

I took my time responding because I was sick. But I got back to him with at least 24 hours before the date. I asked to postpone. I just didn't feel up to it. I didn't want to be snotting all over him. I even gave an alternate day.

But that was the last that I heard from him. I assume he met some other yoga loving chick who had aspirations of being a politician's wife (I don't). And I haven't been asked out on a date like that since then.

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