Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Isn't Ironic? According to Alanis, it is.

Just like song, it's not really ironic. More of a coincidence.

Last night I checked on my accounts. Of course only one had emailed me back. Awesome! But you have to start somewhere. ( tip from their social media guy: The more active you are on the site, the more you come up in different guys' searches. I knew it!)

Anyway, I just brushed it off and looked at my new matches. Some were nice and I sent them witty a couple liners to check me out. Some looked too pretty. I got scared and marked them as maybes.

And then I came to my Super Duper Match (really called the Singled Out Match of the Day), guess who it was. Yes, it was someone I had already dated. It was G, who I went on one date with back in May. A date I almost left because it became so ridiculous. Poor G. He's still out there looking for the one. And he still has hair in his profile picture and none in real life.

I did reject G this time. I knew it was going nowhere so why start up that conversation again.

Still haven't figured out my eHarmony password, but I'm trying to work speed dating into the schedule. Give it a whirl, tell you how it goes.

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