Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm recovering from my duties as a bridesmaid. It didn't really seem that tiring when I was doing it this past weekend, but switching gears back into the real world has thrown me for a loop.

Thank you everyone for your comments on my tipsy rant on my ballbusting problem. I'm glad you all liked it. I read a few of your emails with one eye open. I'm not exactly ready to face the music.

Maybe I should write a few more posts with a few glasses of wine in me. On a funny note, the guy I was ballbusting on that night was actually smacked in the balls the following night! And not by me! I just happened to witness it (pure luck or need for another vodka and soda). And not by a girl - but by a drunk guy friend of ours. It looked like it killed...I felt really bad for him. See my ball busting not so bad.

I have a bunch of ideas brewing around. Not alot of exciting date prospects but based on discussions, a few of us are in that boat. What's up with that?? And basically I've come to the conclusion that Mr. Right is going to find you when and where he is going to find you. But then what do I do? Do I search for him in every encounter (until I look like a crazy detective)? Or do I just play the passive card (and do nothing and hope I'm just hit that bolt of recognition)?

I wish someone would answer the last question.

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Tyler Guhl said...

You shouldn't search in every encounter for him because every encounter will no always bear fruit, but, you will know when you feel that spark.. and we he does too you will see it in his eyes and you will know that, that will be the one to pursue... i know i have been there an failed multiple times with females myself thinking i knew what was going thru their head when really its just what i wanted to believe was happening... just be patient he will come along... believe me i am still waiting as well....