Thursday, August 4, 2011

How we met - A Marine and a small town girl

Let's start with the latest story that I've been told. It's about a young Marine and a small town girl.

This young marine was drafted into the service in the early 1970's and sent to Vietnam. He didn't stay long in Vietnam and was shipped back to the southern California coast. Eventually, he was re-posted to Quantico Marine Base. The young marine was from Richmond, VA (small world!). He ended up going to visit a childhood friend and the friend's parents down in Lexington, NC. The father of his friend was the pastor of his hometown church. While down in North Carolina, he met a beautiful young woman who lived a block away from the pastor's family. There was just something about her. He couldn't stop thinking about her when he wasn't with her. He only had a motorcycle at the time, but he found himself driving every available weekend down to see her (no matter rain, wind, or cold). He just had so much fun with her. Six months after meeting her, she would become his wife. And off they rode into the sunset in their newly purchased car - to the west coast in Oceanside, California.

Thanks to Bill for the beautiful story and answering all my questions.

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