Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Awkward Coincidence

I had to share this funny story told to me by a new contributor (hopefully), Miss Indy. She has some equally fun adventures in dating.

Recently, she went out with a guy she met on an internet dating website. He had a very upbeat, smiling, happy profile on the site. So they talked and decided to go out.

When she meets him, he looks very down. Where was this happy guy? She was confused, but he didn't say anything so the date went on. Dinner was eaten and a movie was the activity post-dinner. She said she suggested the movie "Moneyball", but I guess he wasn't feeling it. So she said that she heard the movie "50/50" was funny. He decided on "50/50" and off they went.

So they talk a few days later/go out and he's back to his happy self. They start to talk about the last date and he says to her, "I'm sorry if I was not myself. My best friend just died from cancer. In fact, he died the day before we went out. I didn't realize how serious it was and I was upset that I didn't do more for my friend while he was sick".

What do you say to that? You went on a date with the guy who just lost a friend to a cancer to a buddy movie about cancer. Not that it was her fault, but the coincidence is laughable and awkward. Poor Miss Indy. And these are the crazy trials of dating.

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