Monday, July 11, 2011

An Internet Minefield

I wrote many months ago that I had put profiles of myself on three different websites. Well really, I have 2 profiles on eHarmony due to a set up glitch. This extra profile might come in handy later so I have yet to remove it. So that really made a total of 4 profiles.

My profile on Catholic Match wasn't really giving me great results. I did find A on there but obviously that didn't work out. Since A, it has been no pickings on that site. Lots of guys that live far away from me and are just not what I am looking for. I received notice that my subscription was up at the end of June. I knew it wouldn't automatically renew because my credit card had changed. So I just ignored their renewal notices. And I thought they would just kick me off.

Oh, but no! They don't just kick you off. They just step you down to the free membership (You mean I could be doing this for free?!) Now, I'm just annoyed by their emails. They still send me profiles. In fact, I'm annoyed by all the dating websites' daily emails. Don't even get me started on the commercials!

So I logged on to the website tonight. Of course, there are no clear instructions on how to get off this ride. I try the account settings. Luckily, on the side there's a FAQs with one that says "You want to delete your profile?" Yes! Yes I do! A new window pops up but I don't see a button. No, it's just explanations on how you can keep your profile up there without paying and you'll regret this language. Believe me, I can handle any regret on this. And down at the bottom is a little sentence that says "Do you still want to delete your profile?" I click on it. Finally, a button on this new page to actually delete. I hit it. I'm FREE!

Don't worry, they save my profile and all my activity for 30 days if I want to reactivate them! They get you coming and going. I feel like it must be easier to get a divorce, but of course it is, this is a Catholic dating website.

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